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Unfortunately docks seem to be pretty much phased out. Kodak has a printer with a dock that many of their cameras mate to. I think you can get the dock separately for those cameras.
I recently gave my Casio 750Z to my daughter and I miss the dock.

None of TCav’s objections applied to the Casio.
It required no software.
The dock was lighter and smaller than my Panasonic charger and it could be used as a charger without the USB connected.
Any way you could transfer photos at grandma’s house was applicable to the Casio. It is pretty rare to find a computer without a card reader either in the computer on the all-in-one printer combo. The cradle is only slightly more cumbersome than carrying the USB cord to a place without a card reader.
The same pretty much applies to a second computer – most of us don’t buy an extra charger so the camera can be charged at a second computer. And most of us have card readers in the second computer. The last SD card I purchased came with a little reader that allowed it to double as a memory stick. That would work fine at grandma’s or a second computer.
I seldom used my spare battery, but it wasn’t a hassle to keep it charged any more than swapping out with a battery charger.
The Casio was my carry everywhere camera – and I did for two years with no problems with the connector. Worrying about the cradle connecter is about on the same level as objecting to a card reader because you might bend pins constantly inserting the card. Both are rather baroque worries IMO.

I found there were advantages.
The battery was always fully charged. I usually downloaded the day’s photos and that also set the battery to charging.
The transfer rate was higher than my high speed USB2 card reader.
I never left home without a fully charged battery. Or worse yet with a card still in the reader or battery still in the charger. I actually did that once with another camera.
The cradle is just convenient. I admit it isn’t a big hassle to pull the card and put it in the reader and pull the battery for the charger – reversing the process when through. But compared to just setting the camera on the dock it isn’t as fast or convenient.

I liked the dock and found no disadvantages to using it.
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I had a cradle with my Casio EX-S600 too. I had no problems with the connector wearing out. It wasn't that convenient to go on vacation with it when it got misplaced in the luggage. It worked well when I'm at home and connected to my computer.

I think most cameras now use a standard USB A-B cable. They're much cheaper and easier to replace if you lose it. Replacement cradles aren't cheap.
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