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Default A Grandmother's camera


I am looking for some advice to help select a suitable point and shoot camera for a Lady friend of mine. There are a few unique requirements for this due to her age, the conditions she will be shooting under, and the price range she can afford.

First off, age has taken a toll in the steadiness of her hands. As we get older, one tends to move about a bit more than we did at a younger age. That means image stabilization is a high priority!

Second off, the requirements for catching a picture of a quick moving grandchild is of utmost importance. The little imps are trying to do something you want to get a quick picture of, and you want to snap it without wading through menus and telling the kids they need to re-enact the scene so one can get a picture of it.

Third off, since older people tend to be somewhat anal with new technology, it must be simple and intuitive to use. Just picture your great grandma with the controls to the armageddon bomb. Do you want it to be easy to use and easily understandable, or do you want her to just push a button and see if that was the right one to push?

Fourth off, she has to be able to afford it. She has about $200.00 to spend, and I will have to chip in for the remaining difference to get her a good camera that fills the bill. I am flexible on this, but jee whiz, I don't want to have to contribute a thousand bucks to the cause for a camera that is "overkill" for her intended usage.

Virtually all of her pictures will be in an indoor environment needing good image definition (in focus) in a less than perfect setting. With and without having to adjust for flash settings. Just think about what your Grandma would need to take a fine picture of her granchild without having to worry about ISO, aperature setting, or any other menu driven options. She see's the little tyke doing something cute and just wants to take a picture of it. Point and shoot, and the picture is in focus and exposed properly.

I have scoured many of the reviews, and all they do is confuse me. I don't understand all the techinical jargon, nor do I have the time to learn it all. I just want to find a point and shoot camera that she can walk into a room and take a decent picture of anything that comes into the viewfinder.

Any recomendations for a good Grandma camera?

Thanks everybody!!!
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I think the "good" requirements are far less important that the "useability" requirements.

Any specific camera come to mind?

Try the last one reviewed by Steve's


A quote from the review:

"Kodak's new EasyShare Z915 is a one of the most versatile budget cameras on the market. Sporting a 10-Megapixel imaging sensor, 10x optical zoom lens and optical image stabilization, it is very hard to find a camera that can compare for under $200 ....... All of these features make this camera incredibly easy to use"
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Please comment about just one more attribute.. my grandmother has arthritis in her hands and that makes holding small objects really tough. So a really small point and shoot might be difficult for her to hold.

Does she have any trouble holding smaller objects.

Getting old stinks, but you also know the alternative....

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