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Default SuperZoom to replace Fuji S5700

Hi there,

I'm looking to upgrade my Fuji S5700 to a camera with a bigger optical zoom and am having a hard time deciding what to go for. For me, the most important points are (aside from image quality):

The zoom - From what i've seen 20x optical seems to be the sweet spot - anything above that and the image quality suffers
Ease of use - I've only ever really used the automatic mode on the S5700 so would want a camera that has similar 'point and shoot' functionality but with scope to expand to actually learning how to use the manual modes
Expandable - by which I mean the possibility of purchasing and using a teleconverter with the camera at a later date

My current shortlist includes the Canon SX 10 IS, the Olympus SP-590, the Nikon p90 and the Panasonic FZ28. I really like the Panasonic but the shorter zoom and the fact that a newer model must be on the horizon (I'm guessing?) deters me a bit. Then the Canon - apparently less easy to use and has no support for filters/a teleconverter.

Anyway, i'd really appreciate the experience of this board to point me in the right direction! Thanks for any help.
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The Panasonic FZ-28 is a very good super zoom camera. Its replacement should be introduced within 30 to 45 days, and most camera industry observers have predicted that the FZ-28's replacement will have a longer zoom.

When the new Panasonic super zoom arrives, it will drive down the selling price of the current FZ-28 model. That price reduction may make the FZ-28 with 18X optical zoom more attractive.

The two leading contenders in the super zoom race, where the zoom is around 20X, are Panasonic and Canon. Personally, I would eliminate the Olympus SP-590 and the Nikon P-90, as not quite meeting your desired specifications.

Sarah Joyce
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