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Hello Melanie, If you want ease of use and quality shits you will have to spend a couple of hundred or more. you will want a Camera that will go at least 20' deeper than you will, for if nothing else ,peace of mind. I'm going to say something that may raise the ire of some Digital Camera enthusiast's. I recently traveled to Cozumel Mexico and facing the same type of dilemma as yourself and tried three different methods.

#1 disposable ( They call them that for a reason...they are crap) fine for maybe 2-3' but anything more and well the optics aren't very good

#2 Boil-n-bag, this was moderately successful as the pictures a) up close and b) in shallow water (under 6") were not that bad (I used an old 3mp Pentax Optio 330 GS, I wouldn't risk anything better.) Beyond this depth, the bag was difficult to see through in conjunction with the plastic then the small view finder then another layer of plastic as well as a swim mask. it proved to be water tight to in excess of 30' but out of about 80 shots I got maybe 6 quality shots. I quit trying after two days.

#3 I picked up an old ( in very good condition ) Minolta Weathermatic 35mm film camera for $30.00 that produced excellent photos with very little hassle. I used 200 ASA film and the shots were were great above and below the waves. i went to Costco and had them burned to disc. Et viola, sil vous plait.
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Originally Posted by rinniethehun View Post
“Well, 1,3,and 4 don't apply. “

That leaves #2, which you were going to do anyway.

“Kodak says this camera can't go underwater even if it's in a protective housing.”

And where does Kodak say that? I couldn’t find anything to that regard on their web site nor in the owners manual.

“I hope when your my age, you don't have to worry about spending $$$ like myself and other seniors do. Ruining a $150 is a big deal to us.”

Don’t play the senior card with me, Melanie...you have no idea how old I am - I may just be older than you.

You’re afraid of ruining a $150 camera, but you have enough money to throw $75 out the window on an absolute piece of garbage? I don’t understand.

Bon Voyage...

The Hun
I'm 87. Can you beat that? I just assume I'm older than most on here but I see from your profile that you have time to post a lot so you might just be older with way too much time on your hands so you come on here and be disrespectful.
I was never disrespectful to you or anyone else. I've always been polite and considerate and said thank you for all help.
I may have asked stupid questions but this is a forum to ask questions and there isn't a sign on the door that says "only smart questions allowed". I spend my free time reading and researching. I come here because everyone who has helped me has been considerate and patient with me. Until now.
I don't feel you have the right to be that way but it is your right and I will respect that but because of you, I won't be posting anymore.

I asked a question, expecting help, about underwater cameras and instead you decide to take it further and question what I am doing in my life.

Goodbye group. I enjoyed chatting with you all.
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Here are a few reviews of the Vivitar 5188 by people who have used it:


Since you are not going on your trip till winter, I would look at more name brand cameras like Canon (Powershot A series), the Nikons, and the Fujis and look for waterproof cases on Ebay. Your picture quality will be much better and you will be happier with shots taken out of the water, too.

Newegg is selling the Fuji F40fd for $75 refurbished. You can get waterproof casing for it on Ebay for about $30. That will give you much better pictures than your Vivitar.
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