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Default Canon G10 - worth it?

So I have been reading reviews for the Canon G10. I would like a more compact camera than the bulky Fujifilm S9000 I currently use. It seems like image quality would be better with the Canon as well.

I have read that it can get noisy above ISO200 but test images online look pretty good compared to my old S9000. And the low CA and lens distortion look even better.

What are some other issues you all have experienced with this model?

The Nikon P6000 was also on my short list of considerations, though the Canon looks more appealing at this point. I would lean more towards a camera with an optical viewfinder.

I will probably buy within the next few days.

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I have the G9 and it's lovely. I can't say I've done any close comparisons or testing but side by side I'm fairly sure it's less noisy at higher ISOs than my Lumix F18. I understand that at least part of this problem may be down to physical constraints of the sensor size against the qty of pixels being forced onto them.

Disadvantages that I have noticed are (and this is fairly common) min aperture F8 which is a pain but nicely dealt with woth the inclusion of an in-body ND filter, and the blatant and ridiculous inaccuracy of the viewfinder which is so bad that honestly they shouldn't have bothered. It's pointless to frame a shot using it I'd be surprised if it provides more than 70% coverage. I have no idea if they've improved this for the G10, but you can test it in seconds in a shop with a test shot

all in all I'm very happy with my G9, i just wish the viewfinder was anywhere near accurate.
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Most of the reviews/discussions about the G10 are very positive. I also have a G9, and prefer it's longer zoom range (35-210 mm equiv) than the G10 at 28-140mm. Both optical viewfinders are not accurate, but they are better than nothing when you need them (bright sunshine, low light, moving objects like birds in flight, etc.).

Another issue I prefer with my G9 is adding filters or lenses. I only need one adapter tube, while the G10 has a three tube option/combination. Lensmate has a good chart on this.

Here's another G10 review you may not have seen. At the end it compares the G10 to the G9.

Have you considered the Fuji 200 EXR? It doesn't have the manual options of the G10, but dynamic range may be better, especially in low light. It's been compared to the Panasonic LX3 for image quality.

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I almost bought a G10. I love the look, the feel...it reminds me in appearance of a modern Leica rangefinder.

I wanted it because i wanted a high quality, small camera that would produce a picture quality as good as my Pentax k10D with battery grip attached, but would be smaller and lighter to carry around.

In my 35 mm days I used to carry around my Leica Rangefinder, which produced picture quality as good as say of my 35 mm slr's but was smaller and lighter.

I checked the quality of the Canon G10's picture quality vs that of a basic DSLR of Nikon, Pentax, Canon. The quality of pictures from the basic DSLR's, were IMO...noticeably better than the G10. You can compare the pix quality at different ISO's at different blowup sizes at digital camera comparo sites on websites.

Especially at higher ISO's. Picture quality is important to me, than the minor extra weight or sizes. The sensor size in basic DSLR's is larger than the G10"s sensor...no matter what the MP count is...the sensor size is more important.

Yes the DSLR's of all makes were bigger and heavier than the G10...but not by a significant amount. The price of a basic DSLR with the kit lens (18-55) is about the same as the G10.

The decision I made...I bought a Pentax DSLR...a basic one, the KM or K2000 as it is known in the USA.

It could of been the basic Canon or Nikon...I got the Pentax as I could also use it as a second body to complement my K10D. I'm happy with the KM, feel I made the right decision.

I have heard (confirmation anyone) that Canon is working on fitting a bigger sensor in the next Canon G series. Don't know if this is correct...but if it is, and the pix quality at higher ISO has improved...than I would consider a future Canon G series.

I do like this Canon G series...just want more pix quality.

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Thanks for your opinions, guys.

Bomberesque - Your displeasure with the viewfinder... I hear you. It was apparently not their top priority when they designed the G10, according to some reviews. But I would rather have a slightly inaccurate OV when I need it than a completely worthless EVF or screen. The Fuji EVF is worthless for action. That was a major disappointment with the S9000.

Denncald - Thank you for that review. Those shots in his G10 gallery are really impressive. The Fuji 200EXR takes some impressive images, but it's out since it doesn't have an optical viewfinder. If I had to pick a non-OV camera, though, that would probably be in the top 5 along with a few Ricoh models.

Lesmore49 - Some of the newer SLRs do sound attractive and they would be great for available light stuff. The new Panasonic G1 looks really good, low noise, and it's small, but it goes beyond my current budget. I don't have any delusions about this camera competing with an SLR though. They weren't meant to compete. I'm just your average "serious snapper" and don't want to deal with a large camera anymore.

After reading quite a few reviews and downloading a lot of test images, I think my money will go towards a G10 after all. Another factor... have you guys heard about CHDK? (Now you have... ) Sounds like it'll really add some great features to the camera.

Hopefully the local big-box electronics dealer will have one this weekend that I can fiddle with before buying.
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