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I apologize for the duplication. However, it must mean that the Sony A-850 is an awfully good camera.

Sarah Joyce
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Dear mattyb,
I am still seriously considering the Nikon D90 configuration as you suggested but am also looking at the Pentax K-7 which has a lovely feel and also because my Mother, who has been an avid Pentax user over the years, has a Tokina AT-X 285 28-85mm F-3.5-4.5 bayonet lens to give me. I am hoping it will fit the K-7 and am guessing it is similar to an 18-55mm DSLR lens?? Any comments will be useful. Lyn ps I am also waiting on a pro review of the K-7.

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I went ahead an merged the posts from the thread in the Welcome Forum into this one (which is where I should have posted my response to begin with, so that all replies would be in the same place).
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The Canon D40 and the Nikon D90 are both great cameras, but as others have said I would also look at the Pentax k7.
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The D90 with 16-85VR may be the real sweet spot if cost is a major concern. You may not need a full frame 24 MP camera to print 20" X 30" - if you don't look at these with a magnifying glass. My 16X24 prints do look great when viewed very closely.

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Any K-mount lens will work on the K-7 (screw mount M42 lenses will work also but require an adaptor). The lens won't lose any capability that it was made with - so an auto focus lens will continue to be an auto focus lens (not all manufacturers support their legacy lenses this way). However, a manual lens (like my beloved SMC M 50mm f1.7) will continue to be manual. It's not a problem to use it - you set the aperture on the lens and push a button to let the camera meter through the temporarily stopped down lens - if you use manual lenses a lot it becomes second nature.
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HI there,

D90 gets my vote, but of course because I'm biased - I just bought one and it's fabulous. I've hardly had it and have already taken hundreds of photos with it. It's a fantastic camera with the most ergonomic control layout I've ever encountered, and it also feels comfortable and is very nicely weighted, even with the 18-105 lens attached.

The 18-105 lens is a great starter lens, but definitely not a lens to buy if you have an alternative (I didn't). I find that the wide angle shots suffer from very serious barrel distortion, especially when photographing buildings -the exaggeration of perspective is a little too much for my liking, with everyday city buildings looking more like egyptian pyramids (some people might like this).

My recommendation would be to get a fast wide angle prime lens and get a 55-200 zoom or similar to complement it.
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Default Gotta go with the Nikon D90

I love my Nikon D90. The pictures are amazing, and you can get it for a really good price. I got mine for $899 from cameta
linky here Nikon D90
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