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Default Looking for advice from John G. Moderator

looking @ your sports photos and your website Jags... you have good quality pics. I would like to be able to take pics like yours.

I am looking at getting a new Digital Point and shoot camera. I think a DSLR is to much for me to learn, plus I dont know what the policy is to take the larger lenses into professional sporting events.

Here is some background info on what I plan to be shooting.
2 daughters are cheerleaders so we will be taking shots both day and night games. from the bleachers. about 20 -30 yards away. sometimes closer.
We also go to professional football games. we sit in the lower level and would like to take pics of the players. about 50 yards away.

In the winter 1 daughter will cheer for basketball (indoor about 15 yards away)

In the past my digital cameras have been to slow. and have deleted about 70% of the action photos.

I currently have 2 digital cameras 1 panasonic Luminix 3x zoom
1. sony cybershot 3x zoom.

We had an older version sony cybershot but gave it away.

I haven't been that happy with any of them.

I am looking for a good zoom and fast speed to get good action shots, of my daughter getting thrown up in the air. I also want to get good shots at the Seahawks games.

We are looking at the Canon SX1 IS and would like your opinion. is there something else we should be looking at for what we want out of our camera. Thanks for the opinion/help

anyone else who wants to give their help is welcome, I just happen to see samples of John's sports photos and think they are great, exactly what I am looking for.
If anyone wants to post examples of examples of sports photos is welcome.

Thanks!!! I appreciate all the help/advice I can get.

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I'm flattered that you like my work. But, I'm afraid I'm goint to have to give you some bad news - you're not going to come close to those photos with a point-and-shoot. Not by a long shot.

For the cheer photos I suggest you get a digicam that has a hot-shoe attachment and get an external flash for it. You're not going to get good shots at a night game without flash and the built-in flashes on cameras (even DSLRs) are pretty weak. You're also going to want to get down by the fence - not just sit in the stands.

Good photos require you to put some work into it. You're not going to get them sitting in the stands. So, go down as low as you can so you're more on your daughter's level. Then shoot over the fence.

That same external flash can be used for cheer in basketball. Usually flash photography is OK during basketball games so that shouldn't be a problem.

As for professional football, I can't give you much of an opinion - I don't take my camera to pro football games. The distances are too great and the angle is bad (downward) to get photos of good enough quality for me. You could try a superzoom camera for day games - but under the lights I wouldn't expect very good results.

All in all, if you're willing to actually move into a position to get good shots during cheer, and are using a good external flash you should get good cheer shots for most of it - tumbling passes will be tough, but everything else will be OK.
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Thanks for the help. I think the Canon SX1 IS has the hot shoe external flash attachment.

For the High school games I can move down on the field, but not as easy with the college games.
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