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Default I need a lot of help...

I'm in need of a point and shoot camera. I don't know much about photography, but I do know that I want a camera that will be able to take good outdoor scenic pictures as well as good indoor pictures in low light if necessary.

Portability is pretty high on my list of things I would prefer. Basically I'd like the camera to fit into a pocket.. even if it had to be crammed in there. The Canon Powershot A series is about as big as I'd like to go unless the camera has the quality/features that warrant the size. And while size is important to me, the photo quality is number one, I don't mind going with a slightly larger/heavier camera if it means I'll get better pictures from it.

Some other features I'd like: A decent zoom would be nice. I know the standard tends to be 3x, but I do enjoy playing around with the zoom. I have shaky hands so a decent image stabilizer is a must. And if I'd be unable to get a sharp image out of a zoom then it wouldn't be important anymore either, so a large zoom is nice, but only if it can produce sharp images.

I'm looking to spend $200-275 on a camera. I've had very good experiences with Canon's so that's where I've been looking, but I am open to suggestions and am in no way 100% partial to the brand.

Some cameras I have been looking at:
Canon Powershot SX200 IS - This camera is outside my price range, but it seems to have all the features I want. Good battery life, adequate flash, good picture quality, long zoom, etc. Plus it looks like it would fit in my pocket.

Canon Powershot SD780 - I currently have a SD400 which uses the same battery so I'd be able to carry it over as a backup. It has an attractive price and the Canon DIGIC 4. I'm worried about its performance indoors which is where a good portion of my shots will be taken.

Canon Powershot A2100 - This camera has a 6x zoom which I like as well as the DIGIC 4. I'm not too sure how powerful the flash is.

This is about as far as I've gotten. I've seen some good reviews regarding some Panasonic Lumix models. I am not stuck on Canon, but as I said I have had good luck with them in the past. I don't know much about camera models, but I assume that the smaller you go the more you pay for less features/picture quality. So I don't mind a camera the size of the A series. As long as I can fit it in a pocket I'm happy.. even if I have to shove it in there. I just want the best quality pictures for the price (roughly $250). An extended zoom would be preferable, but not 100% necessary. Average to above average indoor pictures would be preferable. Face recognition and self timer assists would be nice. I feel like the A2100 camera seems like a nice fit, but I haven't found many detailed reviews of it. If another company has a comparable camera that is worthy of looking I'd be interested in seeing it.

Thanks for any suggestions I may receive.
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