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Default I need a camera that zooms during movies

I am a mom with a busy little boy, living in a house with very little light (or so my camera thinks). I like to take videos but I like to change the zoom for interest and most camera's don't allow this. I also need something fairly fast, because boys don't stay in one spot for very long and smiles fade quickly.

Price is not as much of an issue, but I do want something fairly compact. I lost a camera while on vacation because it was too bulky to carry on me and I set it down in a cab and left it there. I've never recovered

I like to print 4x6 and an occational 8x10.

Any ideas?

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Panasonic GH1.
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And if you can't pay a GH1, Lumix ZS3 zooms like charm in videos.
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Default Thanks for the help

I saw the reviews for the ZS3 and I was sold. I have the TZ3 and was happy with it with a few "buts". It didn't zoom during video, the dial on top is a little unwieldy, the low light shooting is not great. Image stabilization is suboptimal. The reviews on the ZS3 shows all these things to have been fixed. I think I'm going to be in love. I should be getting it in 5 days. I'll let you all know how it worked out.

Thanks a million for your help. I really tried to do the research on my own and was not getting very far. Thanks again,

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The new Fuji F-70EXR also zooms in video clips.

Have a great weekend.

Sarah Joyce
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I thought of the ZS3 (TZ7) but went for the Samsung WB550 instead. It does not need proprietary batteries like the ZS3 (firmware 1.2?) and has a "pause" function while videoing so that you can cut out "in-between" bits without having to stop the video. Of course zooming while videoing is a given.

Like the ZS3 the video is 1280x720.

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