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Thanks for your post. At first glance the ZS1 and the S-90 do seem quite alike. However, there are some substantial differences.

(1) The ZS1 is basically an automatic camera, that offers very little in the way of adjustments. In contrast, the S-90 offers full auto and manual controls.

(2) The ZS1 offers 12X optical zoom. In contrast, the S-90 only offers 3.8X optical zoom.

(3) The ZS1 produces very good image quality outdoors. However, due to its very tiny and low powered built0in flash unit, when using the ZS1 indoors with the camera's built-in flash unit your effective flash range is only 6 to 8 feet. That is very limiting. In contrast, the S-90 has a built-in flash unit with an effective flash range of 10 to 12 feet. That is a huge difference.

(4) Both cameras have a normal video capability, but not a HD video capability.

So, please go over those issues, before making a decision. Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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Thanks for your fast response, Sarah. Points 2 and 4 are not important to me, so I guess I'll have to ponder point 1 a bit more, and hopefully also get my hands on a s90 to see how it feels to hold such a small camera in my hands...
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