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Default My F30 was stepped on (need new lowlight compact camera)

I'm trying to replace my Fujifilm F30, which was stepped on tonight. I kind of love this camera, and may seek repairing it, but it was stepped on with the lens out and it's likely dead. The lens can't zoom in on power-off, and I get an error that it can't focus (as it can't move.) Something in it is rattling.

I want anoteher camera that fits in my pocket and does good low-light shots. I'd love burst mode, too. I researched forever before buying my F30, but I'm having trouble now. It seems the new Fujifilms aren't quite up to the F30 par (even though it's 3 years later.) Nothing else seems to match it. Any advice?

I'm considering the F70EXR or F200EXR. Maybe even an F60fd. I'm having trouble figuring out the difference between them and whether any upgrades are worth the price. Assuming price is no barrier, which of these is best and why? I really can't find many reviews on the F70 and F200. Nor am I sure if I should just go Canon.

I'll absolutely miss the low light and battery life of my F30.

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I'm reading people here saying the new Fuji's are only good for ~200 pics per charge?

Ug. I've gotten at least 3 times that with my F30.
Maybe I should just pay up for a used one...
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First off, welcome to the Forum!

There are not many used Fuji F-30's around anymore. Currently, Fuji is offering the F-70EXR and the F-200EXR cameras. EXR refers to the latest imager development by Fuji. The F-70EXR is selling for around $240 the F-200EXR is selling for around $320.00. I am an old Fuji F-30 user myself, and I like the F-70EXR. In addition to its low light capability, the F-70EXR also has 10X optical zoom, 27mm to 270mm in 35 mm terms.

On the Canon front, the new S-90 looks very promising, but it also costs more than $400.00. It is still at its introduction level price, probably by January, we will see a reduced price.

Sony's competition camera to the Canon S-90, the WX-1, has not seemed to produce the image quality that most camera enthusiasts were hoping for from it. The judgement is incomplete, as we are still awaiting more than 1 professional review. The Sony WX-1 is selling for $329.00.

So there is a recap of the high ISO capable compact cameras out there. have a great weekend.

Sarah Joyce
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