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Default All purpose p&s with good zoom?

I've narrowed it down to:

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7/ZS3
Canon PowerShot SD960IS
Canon PowerShot SX200IS
Samsung HZ15W
Olympus Stylus 9000

I mostly carry my camera in my pocket on vacation, including everything from scenic vistas to inside museum and restaurant shots. I usually find it most convenient to shoot on full auto-everything mode.

I'm impressed with the 10x optical zoom, widescreen view for scenic shots, and the HD video. I'm also a sucker for cool tech like smile and blink detection.

Zooming during video seems useful, although I've heard that you run into a lot of focusing problems with that.


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Welcome to the Forum!

It just my opinion, but I would stay away from the TZ-7/ZS3 camera due to is rather poor built-in flash unit. I own the TZ-6/ZS1 camera and have found the usable flash range to be only about 8 feet, at best, with the ZS1/ZS3/TZ-7's own flash.

To solve that problem, when taking photos of more than 1 person, I use a separate Metz slave flash unit. It adds to the cost considerably and it is another thing to carry. Fortunately, I already owned the Metz slave flash unit, which is very compact.

The better choice might be the Canon SX-200IS, but I have had no personal experience with it.

Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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Thanks for the quick reply, Sarah!
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Default Olympus 9000

I got the Olympus for Christmas, and consider myself a Mid-Level Photog.
It seems thaat this camera has to have optimum conditions for it to be able to focus correctly. Which really is a shame because it really has cool features, like a pretty strong flash, panorama, super macro...

The yield for crystal clear (at 12mp you would think they would all be clear and crisp) is about 50%. If you are a tripod user, this will increase I am sure, but then why get a compact camera? :-)

With a flash (fill flash), and no moving target (still portrait), and no more than 8-10 feet away, it seems to do OK.

Don't try sports mode AT ALL. You get blurred results which look like you subject is missing limbs.

Video was comparable to to my sons $70 flash drive camera.

I compared this to my sisters Olympus FE-340 (Costs WAY less).... her FE-340 won repetitively.

I will probably take mine back.
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