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Default Cheap P&S w/Good Burst and Photo Quality

- USD $250.

Are you new to cameras?
- Experienced P&S user.

Where do you plan on using this camera?
- Outdoors in the mountains, snowy locations, often times in bad weather.

Do you plan on using this camera indoors or in low light?
- Not indoors. Low light outdoors such as post snow storm skiing on a mountain in which there is thick cloud cover.

Do you plan on taking lots of sports or other action photos?
- Yes, mostly skiing action shots and the dog in action.

Will you want manual settings and lots of features?
- Basic manual settings are desired for me to develop better knowledge on how I can setup the camera to take better shots in challenging situations. Though I would much prefer a scene selection that works for my needs.

How much will you need to zoom?
- I have 4x now and that is usually enough. I would not like to step down below 4x unless it is the right camera in all other areas.

How large will you need to make your prints?
- Generally, I only post photos to the internet but occasionally print 8x10".

- Not a concern, all P&S cameras are small enough.

How many megapixels will suffice for you?
- The fewer the better since more MP slows down burst / continuous shooting. The MP race must die!

How important is “image quality” to you?
- Extremely important. Top consideration is picture quality for the dollar, especially in action shot and low light situations. I don't want to buy something that markets a wicked high FPS burst but has a bad quality image.

Do you need any of the following special features?
- Wide angle: Preferably, but not necessary.
- View finder: Very much preferred for burst shooting, but not necessary, especially if the LCS does not freeze in burst mode when photos are being captured.
- Image stabilization: Preferred as I will be moving the camera during bursts. But not essential.

Are there particular brands you like or hate?
- I currently have a Canon PowerShot A630 which I love, but the dog ate, otherwise I would stick with it. It has 1.7 FPS continuous shooting. I have had an Olympus Stylus 600 and did not like it much (especially photo quality, LCD broke too). Did not care much for my first Kodak. I really like Canon as a brand (and for view finders!) but their FPS is lagging due to increased MP so I am open to other brands.

Are there particular models you already have in mind?

- Nikon Cool Pix S630
- Canon SD1200 IS
- Canon A1100 IS

Would you like forum members to suggest accessories used often?

- Nah.

My bottom line is a relatively inexpensive P&S with the best image quality for the money with a good burst / continuous shooting mode (ideally 2 FPS or as close as possible). View finder preferable but I am okay without a view finder IF the LCD image is not interrupted or paused as each photo in the sequence is saved. Lowering the MP for a good burst mode (like the Nikon Cool Pix S630) is FINE as long as image quality is great. Low light can be an issue as I normally shoot action photos in cloudy mountain situations in less than ideal situations.

I understand I won't get the best quality with a P&S but I am looking for the best quality within this category of camera. I don't want a feature rich camera that sacrifices photo quality for useless features. Video is useless to me as I have a camcorder.

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Further review shows that the Ricoh CX1 and FujiFilm F200EXR could be possible options. The Ricoh CX1 having 4fps in full resolution seems right up my alley for just a little more than what I had planned on spending. Any thoughts on these two cameras as to meeting my needs? Any others that I am over looking?
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