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Default Buying a P&S

Alright, looking for a Point and Shoot for a friends, here's my challenge.

Very important features:
Size (smaller = better)
Performance in 'Auto' mode (low light, flash, etc)

Moderately important:
SDHC memory
AA batteries

Not important:
Manual settings
Long optical zoom

So, it'll be used by someone who shoots pictures of friends in all kinds of environments, from bright sunny days to dimly lit clubs. It will never be taken off 'Auto' mode and should fit comfortably in a purse. It will probably end up taking more abuse than most cameras (should).

I'd like it to take AA batteries and SD memory (rather than a built in battery and/or XD/etc memory) as I already have a pile of extra SD memory cards and batteries and charger to gift along with the camera.

$300 CAD is my target pricepoint, though cheaper is fine and I'm willing to extend the value if there is a major gain.

Oh, a major bonus would be if it came from FutureShop as my roommate can get me his 25% discount.
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That is a tough one. Let me think about it for awhile. However the first camera that comes to mind would be the new 10mp Kodak Z-915 camera. It meets that SD card/AA batteries requirement. I really don't know its exact flash range, so that remains an unknown.

However, I did purchase a Kodak Z-915 camera on E-Bay yesterday (11/04) for less than $(US) 85.00, and I should be receiving the camera sometime next week. So I will be able to get more hard information on flash range next week. For now we have to assume that the flash range will be something like 10 to 12 feet.

Size-wise the Z-915 is going to be 4.9" X 2.9" X 1.4." Hopefully, that will pass the size test.

Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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Conor check this out, just some food for thought--These cameras are supposed to be among the best for low light shooting..



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sarah, that kodak is rather large for a p&s, i doubt it would pass the size test.

from your website, you may look into the canon sd960 or the sx200. the sx200 would be my pick of the 2, but its slightly over your budget, well, with the 25% off, it could definately work.
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Excellent, thanks everyone for your feedback so far. I have some good starting points for review tonight.

As you probably all figured out, the camera will be a gift for someone who wants to point it, shoot it, and be happy with the picture. Odds are that the only button that will ever be pressed is the power and shutter release.

Its tough for me to try to intentionally buy a camera that's featureless!
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I have a Canon A1000 that's a great little pocket camera. Nothing spectacular feature-wise but the IQ is very good.
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Default The Kodak Z-915 may be samller than You Think


You may be very correct about the size of the Kodak Z-915 camera. However, I was actually surprised at how small the Z-915 really is.

In this attached sample photo you can see a Z-950 laying atop a $1 bill to give you a more realistic view of the actual camera size. The Z-950 and the Z-915 cameras are the same size and just 1.4" thick.

Sarah Joyce
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