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Originally Posted by maryccc View Post
I posted this a few weeks ago. When the deal started on the first day I got one and am so happy I did
Canon Rebel XSi w/18-55mm IS and 55-250mm IS lenses for $645 (Instant)
Canon just started a new instant rebate program for some camera/lens combos yesterday. One instant rebate offer is $200 off instantly if you buy the Rebel XSi kit and the 55-250mm IS lens together. Amazon has the XSi kit for $600 and the 55-250mm lens for $245 which totals to $845. You won't see the instant rebate of $200 until you get to the checkout screen. Add a 50mm f1.8 lens to this deal and you have an excellent DSLR starter set.

Rebel XSI Kit
http://www.amazon.com/Canon-Digit...4&sr =8-1

Canon 55-250mm IS Lens
http://www.amazon.com/Canon-55-25...7&sr =1-2

At checkout it comes out to $825.

Do you have to hit process order to see the actual discount? The lens you linked was sold by Ace Photo Digital. Netman said it had to be sold by Amazon. That's where I get stuck I think.

Found it. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg...X0DER&v=glance This is the lens form amazon I was having trouble finding. Total price of $651.

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Originally Posted by gman1987 View Post
Would the xsi still be considered better than the k-x. I've read where it takes good pics in low light. I kind of understand ISO but f2.8 throws me. .
Neither will do a good job. The K-X has good high ISO performance. But the focus system is not up to the task of shooting sports at night. You need a camera that has good high ISO performance AND good continuous focus performance - especially in low light. That's a tall order.

The reality is you are not going to be able to accomplish nighttime softball/baseball with a $600 budget. You'll find people will tell you I'm wrong and 'do the best with what you can afford'. When people give you that advice ask them to show you their nighttime baseball/softball shots. People that haven't tried it don't know how tough it is to get good shots. For my part I'd rather you know BEFORE you spend your $600 that you can't do a decent job. At least that way you can adjust either your expectations OR your budget. But at least you won't spend your money and be surprised when the results aren't very good.

My honest advice is: if you can't increase your budget to about $1500 then forget about the night time sports and buy the gear to fit your other shooting needs. But if sports shooting of any kind is a primary reason for your photography, Pentax is not a good system for it. Canon & Nikon are the clear cut leaders in that area followed by Sony with Pentax and Oly bringing up a distant forth. All are better than digicams, but compared to one another in the DSLR world this is how the systems stack up based upon results I've seen.
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Originally Posted by JohnG View Post
Follow up - NO, I repeat NO f5.6 lens on the market is going to do a decent job of nighttime baseball/softball under the lights - with ANY camera. It's worse lighting than football fields. In fact, I don't even shoot nighttime games anymore - even with my Canon 1dmkIII and f2.8 lenses (70-200 2.8, 120-300 2.8). It's just too difficult to get quality shots. Nighttime HS football is easier - better lighting and I can use flash.

If you'd be allowed to use flash, that can improve the quality of your shots. But you'll need an external flash. AND you'll have additional issues to address. External flashes have focus assist beams which can help focus for the camera - BUT that feature doesn't operate in AI-Servo focus mode. Even with focus assist I think you're going to have trouble with any f5.6 lens. So, it's big gamble trying that route. I don't shoot with f5.6 lenses. I would suggest you only go the flash/f5.6 route if someone can show you photographs the option will work for sports. It works well with my f2.8 lenses and football.

There are other issues to discuss if you have to go the flash route. But, without flash, know you'll need ISO 3200-6400 AND f2.8.
Looks like my best bet for now is to just snap the shot, hope for the best and see what I get.
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Gman, glad you found the deal. The price increase is caused by the 55-250 mm lens. It varies form the low of $217 to the high of $255. I locked mine in at $233. That is still a very good deal and will make an excellent Christmas gift for yourself. I got my shipment in today. I like the camera very much and find it very easy to use. The only thing it didn't come with are the lens hoods. You can buy them from Ebay for about $20 (factory made) and $5 for generic (plastic). Spare generic battery is about $5 plus shipping. Good luck with your new purchase! Enjoy!
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