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Default Canon G10 or G11?

Hi I am going to buy a camera tomorrow. . Pls suggest which is better, G10 or G11. I understand that the former has more mega pixels while G11 is good has low light photos and has articulated screen... But my main requirement is picture quality.. I'll compromise anything but picture quality mostly day pics.... I'll also capture landscape shots, group family photos.... Sigma Dp1/Dp2 maybe good too but we don't have them in India...

For some reason, i have buy tomorrow without fail... so pls. suggest.. thnx in advance
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G11 is better.
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Originally Posted by peripatetic View Post
G11 is better.

Can u pls. elaborate... Image quality wise, can u analyse and explain.
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Good Morning, Hasan-

The Canon G-11 is the better choice. Why? You might ask? Because Canon did the correct thing. When the designed the G-11 model, they looked at the problems that had been experienced on the G-10, a 14mp enthusiast camera.

The G-10 was capable of excellent photos only under very good lighting conditions. As soon as the ISO setting was numerically increased above 200, image quality suffered a lot. Pixel density had become a measurable problem. The G-10 could capture a full measure of excellent detail, but by its design, it had limited performance.

The G-11 uses a 10mp imager (a huge 30% decrease in the mp count) the imager and the processor were entirely new. In fact, the imager was so very good that Canon decided to use it in the Canon S-90 camera as well.

Now the Canon G-11 could easily use ISO 800, 1600, and in a pinch, if noiseware was used, even ISO 3200. That lighting flexibility gave the G-1 a much wider area of utilization, under many different lighting conditions.

The optical viewfinder, the hot shoe for an external flash were retained. But a new articulating LCD screen was introduced, once again adding more flexibility to the G-11, that the G-10 did not have.

So that is why, the Canon G-11 is a better choice, than the G-10 model camera. Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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