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Default 2nd Camera - Superzoom Recommendation (and do I need manual control)

I have purchased a T1i, and now will be selling my Canon G9 and replacing it with a compact superzoom when I don't want to carry the larger camera. I don't think the tradeoff between the G9 and a compact superzoom will be that large given I have now will use the T1i for those better situations.

The obvious choice seems to be the Panasonic ZS3.

Canon SX200, Sony H20, and Fuji F70 (or something like that) are other choices.

I guess I need help deciding how important manual controls are on cameras like this and if it is necessary.

I am not a fan of AA batteries so that rules out the Canon SX120is (cameras tend to eat them, and if I am going to carry a battery and charger I rather have fewer batteries to lose than multiple AA).

Kodak Z950 is interesting but seems to get variable reviews and slight tendency to overexpose.

Thoughts, Recommendations? Have I missed anything?
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Panasonic fz35
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Olympus SP590UZ
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Certainly the suggestions of the Panasonic FZ-35 and the Olympus SP590 are excellent. Perhaps it is time to better specify your priorities.

Here is what we know thus far:

(1) You desire a lithium ion battery, Not AA bateries

What else?
(a) Size seems to be a priority. Is it? And what size?

(b) Is good indoor performance with the camera's built-in flash a priority?

(c) Is flash range a priority? Is 10 to 12 feet of flash range , OK?

(d) What aabout Macro or close-up ability?

(e) What about numerically high ISO shooting?

(f) What is your min acceptable zoom? Max?

(g) Is HD video a requirement?

(h) What is your min size LCD screen?

(i) Do you wnat an articulated LCD screen?

(j) Must this camera have an EVF or optical viewfinder?

(k) Must the camera have a hot shoe for an external flash?

(l) Must this camera have a focus assist lamp?

(m) Must this camera have a face detecting self timer?

(n) Are you going to be making prints? How large?

(o) What is the desired resolution of this camera?

(p) What is your budget for this camera?

You see, upsidedown, that way we are not making random guesses. Have a great day and a Happy Thanksgiving.

Sarah Joyce

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