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Default What DSLR to keep? D5000 or A330y

Just picked up D5000 and A330y
Going to keep one and one will be going to my bro(majored in photography in school) for christmas gift.

I'm newbie at photography world and my bro is close to professional.
Which one should i keep and give to my bro?

i bought D5000 with VR 55mm AF-S
A330y with 55mm and 200mm lenses.

BTW if you need good deals on DSLR
check out AAFES(military people only) online
got D5000 with VR lense for $521 and A330y for $460.

Sometimes its good to be in the military
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They are both very good cameras.

The D5000 can record video, so that might be something you would be more interested than your brother.

On the other hand, the A330 has image stabilization in the camera body, while the D5000 relies on image stabilization in the lens. It doesn't matter much now since the lens you've got is stabilized, but in the future when you go looking for other lenses for the D5000, you'll find the selection of stabilized lenses to be small and expensive.
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That's very generous of you to buy a camera for your brother. Here's my thought on that though - if your brother majored in photography and is close to a pro in talent then he's used SLRs or DSLRs (depending on how long ago he was in school). My guess is he has some idea or affinity for which camera system he wishes to use. It may be one of the two you've bought into but it might not. People with a strong background in photography often have very specific criteria for the gear they want. It's akin to just going into Dicks and buying a snowboard for an avid boarder or a bicycle for an avid cyclist. There's a high likelihood you simply won't get the right one. Without doubt, the thought will be appreciated. But I'd do some additionaling information gathering to find out what brand/model your brother is actually interested in.

But I'll ask some questions here to help the process. You said he majored in photography - how long ago was that?

If he's close to a pro in talent, doesn't he already have an slr or dslr? If not, why not - it was his major.

Please don't think I'm being rude here - just trying to find out more information to help you make an informed decision.
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