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Default Canon G11, Canon S90, Pan FZ35 or Sony HX1?

Hello everybody!
Sorry for my poor English...

What camera should I buy: Canon G11, Canon S90, Pan FZ35 or Sony HX1?

- Very good auto-focus
- I would love if it will be fast between the shots time. The auto-focus time must be short. 1 second makes difference to pick journalistic photos, Wedding Photojournalism
- To have Manual Control (focus, iso, apperture...)
- high wide angle,
- good in low light condition, (night parties)
- high quality photos,
- portability (I want to carry it all the time)
-good sharp and contrast (to see details on the bride dress, for example)
- to capture night light with people (without a tripod).
- I'd like some zoom
- a good video too.

- Wedding Photojournalism, Parties, Bars/clubs and homes with low-light situations
- Vacations: I'll travel with it and take tourist photos like me and Eiffel Tower! I want to carry the camera always with me. (good wide-angle)
- Photos at the Beach
- I'll use my camera to take photos from groups of friends, family, portraits, brides...

Price: US$300-500

Thank you very much!!!


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Welcome to the Forum. We're glad you dropped by.

Because your subject matter varies a lot I would think that the Panasonic FZ-35 would be an excellent choice for you. It would give you the flexibility of wide angle through to well over 400mm in zoom.

The FZ-35 also offers HD video and it is very fast to focus. It focuses in 1/2 the time of the camera it replaced, the Panasonic FZ-28.

I purchased the Canon S-90 and the G-11 and after using them, I returned the cameras. The S-90 showed considerable lens distortion at the wide angle position, and the G-11 did not quite offer as much zoom as I desired. This past summer I worked extensively with the Sony HX-1 which has many unusual and unique features such as the Twilight Mode and the Sweep Panoramas, but it is a work in progress. There is still a lot of developmental work to be done on the HX-1. Perhaps the HX-2 will be measurably better.

All in all the FZ-35 is a very capable camera and it would be my first choice from the camera selection that you listed.

Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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Thank you very much!
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