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Default H-20 vs. ZS3

OK, I have studied all the info out there and I have narrowed it down to these two. I keep running into conflicting reviews and getting more confused and need your expert opinion. I like the wide angle of the ZS3 at 25 vs. the 38 for the H-20 and that would do it for me but then I read that the flash is not so good for the ZS3 but excellent for the H-20. Maybe I am expecting too much from one camera but I want it for interior photos as well as outdoor sporting and landscapes.

What is your suggestion or do you have a better alternative in the $250+/- range? Thanks!
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Yours is a decision that many folks are facing right now. I actually purchased both the Panasonic ZS3 and the Sony H-20. Each camera has its weak points. For the ZS3 it is the camera's performance indoors caise by a very small and weak built-in flash unit. Can that be overcome? Well yes, but the solution is something like the DigiSlave-3000 slave flash which costs around $110.00. Luckily, having been a digital camera instructor for 15 years, I owned the slave flash.

The weak spot on the Sony H-20 is it lack of a wide angle. That is not as bad as the ZS3's bad built-in flash unit. My work around is to crop my photos to produce a 16:9 format which gives a wide angle appearance, when needed.

My conclusion is that the Sony H-20's problems are easier to deal with, than the problems presented by the Panasonic ZS3.

Have a great day

Sarah Joyce
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