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Default need direction

I am wanting to get started taking pics for a hobbie. I have no experience with cameras except point and shoot. . But I am in serious need of a new hobbie and have always wanted to give photography a try. I am trying to stay around 600 dollars. I am mainly interested in taking pics of landscapes and wildlife. I want decent equipment that I can build on but not so complicated that it confuses my feeble brain. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
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"Landscapes" usually means a wide angle lens, and "wildlife" usually means a telephoto lens. The lenses in P&S digicams are usually not very wide, so doing landscapes with a P&S usually means stiching multiple images together. The lenses in P&S digicams can be pretty long, but shutter lag and slow autofocus can make them difficult to use for that.

A dSLR would be the best choice for that, and you can get soemthing nice that's within your budget. dSLRs come with lenses that have a wider angle of view than most P&S digicams, and moderately priced telephoto zoom lenses are available, but their applicability depends on the types of wildlife you are interested in shooting. For larger animals, and for birds and small animals nearby, a lens with a maximum focal length of from 200mm to 300mm, but for birds in flight or medium size aminals at a distance, you may need to go longer.

A number of different dSLRs can do what you want, but Canon is offering an especially good deal on their entry level models, plus substantial rebates on some of their lenses. You might want to take a look at soem of the other threads hear to get an idea of what you can get for how much.
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