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Default Canon T1i or XSI or D5000 or D3000.

I am looking for a DSLR which I will use for cityscapes and nightime photography, mostly low light settings. Though I will take regular shots too. Ive read some other threads here but am still unsure.

I am considering the Canon T1i or XSI or the Nikon D5000 or D3000, and just want the camera with the best image quality out of the box as well as the best image quality in low light settings. I am interested in your opinions. As I want to know if move to the higher end cameras is worth it over the lower end models like the xsi or d3000. thank you so much.
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The Nikon D3000 and D5000 don't have a built-in autofocus motor, so Nikon's large aperture lenses that you'll need to use for low light shooting won't autofocus on them.

The T1i can shoot at higher ISO settings than any of the cameras you mentioned, so that would be the clear winner for use in low light settings.
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For cityscape type photography at night, you'll want to use a tripod for best results, keeping ISO speeds set lower. If you use that technique, then the differences between camera models is not as important (i.e., how they compare at higher ISO speed settings or what lenses are available for them).

But, one thing you may want to look at is exposure bracketing features for that type of shooting (assuming you're not trying to shoot moving subjects at night, which will be difficult without a flash, regardless of camera model).
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