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Default family camera

I need some help to decide which camera to buy as a family camera for trips and indoor pictures, to replace a Canon IS3. The video has to be good , doesnít have to be HD but I donít mind paying a little more for a good stills camera which has also HD. No DSLR, no sports photos.
I read reviews and forums and at this point I restricted the options at Canon SX1, Canon SX10 and Panasonic FZ35 but itís very difficult to decide.
1. Did I miss something when I restricted the options at these cameras? (I checked also Canon SX20, Sony HX1, Olympus SP 590 Ė UZ)
2. Which of the 3 is better ? I was very happy to see the possibility of zoom 18-20 but is the stills quality as good as a good camera with zoom 12?
3. We liked the Canonís articulated lcd. To me it seems that the evf and lcd of the Panasonic are better than Canonís Ė are they?
4. does somebody know if there will be in the near future (1-2 month) a similar camera worth waiting for? (Like a Panasonic with AA batteries and articulated 3íí LCD? )
Thank you
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Welcome to the Forum. We're pleased that you dropped by.

I went through the very same selection process, and I finally ended up with the Panasonic FZ-35, which I really like a lot. The fz-35 had HD video and stereo sound which were pluses for me.

What really sold be was the smallness and lightness of the FZ-35 versus the Canon SX-1, SX10, and SX-20 cameras. I felt that the FZ-35 was easier to use and move with in an effort to capture a photo in a hurry.

At first I was concerned that the Canon cameras had a hot shoe and the Panasonic FZ-35 did not. However, I worked out a very effective slave flash for the FZ-35, that just about equals the output of my old EX-420 flash. You can find the details in the Panasonic P+S folder.

We will indeed see some new P+S cameras this spring. Usually in conjunction with the CES show and the PMA show there are a lot of new camera announcements. It is difficult to guess is we will see an articulated 3" LCD screen equipped camera, though.

We hope that you are enjoying a great weekend.

Sarah Joyce
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Here's another vote for the Panasonic FZ35. A near-perfect compromise among megazoom point-and-shoot cameras. Some other cameras may zoom longer (although you really don't notice that much difference at the long of the lens in the real world) and others may have articulating screens (although you can still see the Panasonic's pretty well even from fairly acute angles). But the Panasonic is just about at the top of its class in terms of noise control, detail preservation and high ISO performance. Plus it shoots 720p HD video and gives you the choice of three aspect ratios: 4:3, 3:2 and 16:9. The Canons are good cameras but their lenses are pretty slow in the longer half of their focal range - plus they're almost as big and heavy as a DSLR. Advantage: FZ35. Don't count on those features you want on the Panny anytime soon - especially AA batteries.

If you'd like a camera that's a bit smaller and are willing to give up a viewfinder and a bit more at the long end of the zoom range, check out the Panasonic ZS3 and ZS1. Two nearly identical cameras with a zoom range of 25-300mm and class-leading image quality. The ZS3 is more money but has a better LCD and shoots HD video.

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Thank you both very much.
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