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Default HELP! Nikon D5000 or Pentax K-X?

I can't decide what I want. I love the screen on the D5000, how it moves and the optional GPS accessory, it's ability to use all Nikon lenses, and it uses a battery pack, but I have seen the video footage shot on the Pentax K-X and it's way nicer than the D5000. Much clearer (or maybe they are using manual focus?) Anyway, I can't decide. It's REALLY bugging me and I don't know which one I should get. I don't like sony or olympus or canon so i'm not into the low-end types. Only Nikon or Pentax will do. I was considering the T1i, but I'd hate to disown myself and buy a canon.

What do you guys recommend? I really don't want to fuss with AA batteries, but on the same token i'd love a higher quality movie. ARGH! I need a recommendation.

I'm 22, i go to college and i love photography. I mostly use the Auto mode, but I sometimes like to experiment with settings and fool around.



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Come on, people...
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Maybe if you had not trolled like 8 other threads first, people might be willing to offer some advice.
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Originally Posted by ovomac View Post
Come on, people...
I think I've seen enough.

We expect members members to behave in a civil and courteous manner here, as we have a friendly community where photographers can share photos and knowledge, and we want to keep it that way.

Yet, you've made multiple posts today bashing camera brands in various threads, and want to complain when members don't respond to your queries fast enough.

You'll need go someplace else if you want to behave like that. You're not welcome here.
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