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Default Need Camera buying advice please help!!!!

I feel like I bit off more than I can chew trying to jump into this camera buyer market. I'm going to simply list some bullets on what I know I'm looking for. thanks in advance for any help or insight you might be able to offer.
  • small to midsize camera
  • decent FPS (like 3fps) with very little delay when you press the button to take a picture.
  • can take fast action shots (horse jumping, squash and racquetball shots, surfing), as well as still shots
  • Something with a decent wide angle lens for smaller spaces as well as decent zoom for at the horse shows.
  • Auto focus will be used about 90% of the time so it's important it can auto focus decently and quickly
  • view finder and decent sized lcd with live view
  • decent image stabalization
  • Preferrably at least 8 mega pixels
  • usb
  • decent size storage capacity
  • rechargeable long lasting battery
  • Looking to spend between $300 to $500
This is for my girlfriend. She has small hands but a great eye I think, so I'm looking to upgrade her from her little point and shot camera. the more I read about SLR's the more I'm not sure if that's what is needed at this point. sounds like a lot of Camera but the entry level Canon Rebel does look nice and it's smaller in size at least.

Camera will be used for action shots in horse back riding, squash and surfing (I know that's a wide range) as well as the basic still shots, friends and family.

Anyone know what camera I'm looking for??

P.S. - I realize you can't always have your cake and eat it too so I don't expect all my dreams to come true in one camera, but I'd like to get as close I can too it.

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I should clarify, she's not looking to become a professional photographer by any means although it would be nice to have something she could grow into (I think she might become more serious with a proper camera). Mostly, she rides horses and needs to take shots of them for her horse selling business. I play squash and surf so she'll want to take pictures of that.

We also do some websites for various other action sport type people so it prob will come in handy down the road for that.

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for fast action (requiring fast AF) and fast fps you really are talking about a dslr. the problem then becomes your pricetag. because you will need not only the kit, but a nice telephoto lens as well. and for surfing you really need quite a bit of reach, which will not come cheap. and really for action shots you will want to step up to the XSi over the XS because the autofocus is quite a bit better. so right out of the gate you are over your price range.

there are the superzoom bridge cameras, such as the panasonic fz35 and canon sx20, that have a nice long zoom. but the autofocus is really not up to the task of shooting action. especially something indoors like squash.
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Getting into the $650 range is a little higher than I had initially hoped for but that auto focus is really one of the more important features I'm looking for. I'll look into the XSI.

Thanks for the input.
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