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Default Is FZ35 that much better than Sony H20?

I have been researching for the last few weeks and am ready to buy. I am leaning toward either the Sony H20 or the Panasonic FZ35. I mainly take pictures of my 4 kids - inside a lot, outside, soccer games, school events, etc. I currently have my original digital camera which is an Olympus D-550 (7 years old) and a Kodak EasyShare V803 (1 year old that was a gift). I really don't like the Kodak at all mainly b/c the shutter lag is so slow, inside the pictures turn out dark, lots of pictures turn out blurry and overall I don't like the image quality. I think the Olympus takes much better and faster pictures but it is really getting old so I would think a new one with newer technology would give better results.

Do you think the FZ35 is a lot better than the H20 to justify the extra $100 and extra bulk? I will mainly use the photos for making photo books and up to 8x10 prints. I would also like good video quality. Photography is one of my hobbies and I would like to get more professional looking photos of my kids - not just flat looking "snapshots". I would love a dSLR but after looking at them and seriously considering it, I am not ready to move up to that yet mainly because of size. I know it would give me better pictures. I guess size is my biggest concern with the FZ35. Is it possible to fit in a jacket pocket? I don't want to miss shots b/c I don't have it with me.

Are there any other cameras I should be considering - like the Panasonic ZS3, Canon SX200, Canon S90 or Panasonic LX3? I would like to stay under $400.

Also do you think prices will go down after Christmas or should I go ahead and order something tomorrow or Thursday? Thanks so much for all the info on this site. It has really helped me in trying to figure this out!
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