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Default Can't decide on a camera - Fuji F70, Samsung WB550, Panasonic DMCZS1K, Canon SX200

Hi all,
I am a newbie at all this... I figure it is time to come into the real world and upgrade my ancient Canon A40 (yeah 2MP) camera... it has done its job but I need an upgrade... hey after almost 8 years I deserve it right?
I am looking for something for basic family use... taking pics of the kids, during school plays, at the park etc.....
Here is what I would like in a camera...
  • Budget - $250-$300
  • Good clear pictures - wont' be printing larger than 5x7 maybe occasional 8x10 but I want to occasionally crop the photos
  • Easy to use in variety of settings inside and out - mostly will be in auto mode - although the option to control some stuff may lead me to learn more about photography which I have been wanting to do
  • Good Zoom - 10x at least - can't always be in the front at school plays etc when I have other little ones that require a quick exit...
  • Wide angle
  • Small size - so I can put in purse or diaper bag and not add a lot of weight
  • Movie mode is a nice bonus but doesn't need to be HD as I don't even own an HD TV - Zooming in movie mode is good but not essential
I have narrowed down to a few options... price range is $250-300
  • Fuji F70 - I like it because of the size and the EXR functions seem attractive and it seems to be getting good reviews the thing with it is there is a fair bit of lag in the screen... especially in closer modes... like the picture is jerky. The screen is not as clear as the samsung.. but my bigger concern is the pic quality rather than the screen quality.. I can live with not a great screen if the pictures are good. Also no HD mode again not a big deal.. but if the samsung is good camera for a little more might want to have it.
  • Samsung WB550 - a little bigger than the Fuji but better wide angle and HD video and 12MP, can charge without taking out battery
  • Panasonic DMCZS1K - also on the higher end of price.. but within buget. Gets good reviews as panasonic was first to make compact ultra zoom
  • Canon SX200 - a little more than I want to spend.. but if it is heads and shoulders above the others I am willing to spend a little more.
I see there have been many posts with recommendation for Sony H20 but I want wide angle and also it is a little big for my taste.

I am leaning towards the samsung - but am concerned someone I know in photography told me that I should stick with companies that make cameras - and Samsung is not a camera company... but then I was told they are hitting the market pretty hard and really are coming out on top.
HELP!! I am so confused...
Thanks in advance

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