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Default Canon SD1200IS vs Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS6

Hi all,

I'm looking to buy a digital camera ASAP (within the next few days), and I've narrowed my choices down to these 2 cameras.

I can get either the Canon for $140, or the Panasonic for $170 (both in Canadian $).

I see that there are many knowledgeable people here so I figured I'd start hanging around to do some learning

From what I see here, megapixels don't equate to image quality.. so I'm not really concerned about the fact that the Panasonic is 8MP and the Canon 10MP. The 8MP resolution is enough for my uses.

I've read favourable reviews on both cameras, but I haven't seen anybody explicitly comparing those 2 cameras. Any thoughts on which camera performs better overall? And what about in low-light conditions?

I'd really appreciate any advice/insight here


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Welcome to the Forum. We're glad you dropped by.

In my opinion, the Canon SD 1200 will provide better image quality. The Panasonic FS line are good cameras but the are designed to be value cameras, as opposed to other Panasonic lines which have a wider spectrum of features.

Merry Christmas and have a great weekend ahead.

Sarah Joyce
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Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the welcome!

That's good to hear.. I was always under the impression that Canons have lenses which are among the best in the industry. I was just surprised to see some really positive reviews on the Panasonic although it's so cheap, so I figured I would consider that as well.

Seems like a really good bargain then, being able to get the Canon at a cheaper price! Do you think it would outperform the Panasonic in all situations? Or is there anything that the Panasonic could do better?
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