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Default First time buyer...

Hey, I could do with all the help you've got!

I am going travelling in February and I am looking to invest in a good but more importantly the right camera for me.

Originally I considered a bridge camera (Panasonic FZ38) because I have only ever owned point and shoots so I figured this would be a nice medium for me and I liked the idea of the big zoom.

Then I talked to a few friends and they said, if I buy a bridge camera I'll only wish I'd bought a DSLR in a years time. So now I am totally divided.

The FZ38 was going to set me back 300 but I have a budget of around 600.

So I am looking for an easy(ish) to use bridge or DSLR camera.

I was considering (based on zero product knowledge) a deal for the LUMIX G1 with 2 lenses for 550.

Any reason why I should or shouldn't go for the bridge of lumix g1?
Any recommendations ?
Any particular questions I should ask when I go browsing?

Many Thanks,

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Default Welcome!


Welcome to the Forum. We're please that you dropped by.

The Panasonic G-1 two lens kit sounds like a good deal and would most probably be a very easy transition for you to make. I use the same G-1 two lens kit and have enjoyed it a lot. I have also attached a sample photo.

Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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No argument that DSLRs have more POTENTIAL than any bridge camera. But that comes at a cost - additional lenses, bigger, heavier, more expensive (after you add the lenses and flash(es) necessary to reach that potential). In some cases, those disadvantages lead to a DSLR taking NO shots because it's left at home on a shelf. The key is to find the solution that best fits your individual needs. What is it that you like to photograph? Why is it that your current camera isn't able to do that you want to accomplish?
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I think John's point is what it boils down to. The FZ38 is a good compromise (IMO). It produces great quality images, offers a wide FL coverage at a very compact and reasonable price. I too have the Panasonic G1 suggested by Sarah and I think it's an awesome camera. It's small, operates like a DSLR in most respects, produces great quality images, offers the flexibility of exchanging lenses, the 2 lens kit won't break the bank and, the micro 4/3 is very versatile in terms of accepting any brand legacy lenses (with the appropriate adapters). As a result, I've been having a blast playing with old Canon and Pentax mount lenses I'm getting on eBay for peanuts. Something to consider for sure!

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That G1 sounds like a good deal.

Make sure you check it out at a store first. You may love the EVF or you may hate it.
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The EVF works real good in good light conditions but it does get funky in low light. Just keep in mind that in low light, what you see is NOT what you get. The EVF may show a very grainy image but the recorded image will be clear. There's always the swivel LCD, if you prefer, which has excellent resolution.

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