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Default Please recommend camera, good color accuracy, sharp images


I appreciate assistance in recommending any camera, new or used or discontinued that captures accurate colors of subjects as well as producing sharp images. The purpose for this camera is for taking picture of still objects and capturing accurate color is a must.

My budget is $400-$500. I realize a zoom would be good for portraits of objects but Iím willing to put up with inconvenience as long as I can get good accurate colors indoors and outdoors.

Thanks for your time.
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Let me ask for some clarifying information. Can you be more specific as to the lighting conditions? Here's why - one of the things that comes into play in digital cameras is white balance. Every camera has an auto WB setting. There are lighting conditions which give just about any camera difficulty with auto WB. In other types of lighting, some cameras will do well and others poorly. So if color accuracy is important to you, then this is an important aspect. So, what are the objects you're taking photos of and under what lighting conditions?

And, if color accuracy is of utmost importance, are you open to shooting in RAW so you can adjust the WB in post processing or is it a requirement to find the camera that does the best job right out of the camera (realizing that even the 'best' camera at doing that will not get it right in all lighting conditions)?

This info will help other members suggest cameras that work well in the lighting you'll be shooting at and retain color accuracy.
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Hi John,

The lighting conditions will be indoors using florescent daylight bulbs (4000-5000K w/90+ CRI). I also may use tugtsen bubs as I hear they produce very good natural light. I wonít be using the Auto functions much and will rely on proper metering. I will also be taking some photos outdoors in sunny South Florida. But it would be good to know a model that has a good auto WB.

Iíve never worked with RAW images before but that will be a great function for the camera to have; I have both a Mac and PC.
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