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Default I shoot digital but am looking for a good used non-SLR

Hi Folks,
I am new. Love shooting pics; stills, nature and action,... as of late, equine events to be specific. Anyone here have any thoughts on the best non-digi SLR to buy used?
I want/need a continuos shooting option. My camera shopping affordability
says ' go used'. My digi is a Canon S3IS. I shoot alot of action; i.e. herds of horses running in the dusty pastures of the deep south, rodeos , etc and would like to have a good SLR to accompany me. I have used a Pntx K 1000which is about 23 years old and is getting worn out. For my uses, I really would like to have the continous shot feature and interchangeable lens capability as I have a few from my old Pentax.I have read some on a forum and many seem to like the Rebel EOS. Aren't there a few in the EOS group? If so, is there a particular one that is better than the others? I don't mind older and good used fits the ticket for me. We used to enjoy developing film in the darkroom, and I believe that in creativity it does have its place. Black and white can be so dramatic! Love it!
I find the Canon Power Shot to be troublesome during night sports and could use some pointers as well! I am all ears and eyes so please....enlighten me!

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Welcome to the forums.

I'll move this thread down to our What Camera Should I Buy? Forum where you'll be more likely to get some input from members.

But, keep in mind that you can't use lenses from one camera brand on another camera brand (at least not without an adapter, which sometimes involves some loss of functionality). So, your Pentax lenses are not going to be usable on other camera brands without some difficulties (although they'd work on a Pentax dSLR model like the new Pentax K-x).

For night sports, you're going to need a very bright lens (for example, a Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 EX DG HSM), and a camera capable of higher ISO speed settings (think ISO 3200+) for best results.

I'd give members an idea of your budget and what Pentax lenses you have now for best responses.
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If you are still happy with your Pentax lenses, get something like the Pentax K-x. You can use your old lenses on it while you save up for modern, auto focus lenses. If you really want to save money, you could look for a reconditioned K100 or a K10. The K100 is more basic than the K10, but still has plenty of features and controls (I still own mine and use it as a back-up and for something specialized).

If you can spring for it, I think the new K-x would fit your needs better than the K100 but either would work.
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Could you clarify a bit?

Are you only looking to get a film SLR?

Or, are you looking for a system from which you can get a film SLR and a digital SLR?

or did i miss the point entirely.
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You might want to rethink your choice of a username. Spam Bots troll the internet searching for e-mail addresses, and every post you make here advertises your email address to spammers. One of the moderaters here can help you if you decided you wnat to change your user name.
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Default Still not clear

Are you saying you want a good film camera SLR? In that case, how about a Nikon N80?

Are you saying you want a better superzoom? In that case, I recommend the Panasonic FZ28/FZ35 or the Canon SX20 or SX1? The Panasonic doesn't have a great full resolution burst mode and neither does the SX20. However, it is good in low light (up to ISO 800) while the SX1 has a pretty fast sustained burst mode.
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