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Default Need a new camera for trip and general use

Hey y'all! So I'm a college student and this summer I'm hopefully going to Australia for a month and Fiji for a week over the summer for study abroad and I need a new camera because I hate my old Kodak one. I'm probably just going to put them on facebook and not actually print them out. I also would like a camera that is good for everyday situations that I can just upload online. So I just really want one with good image quality, portable, and has a decent battery life. The front-runners so far are the Sony H20, Canon sd780 IS, and a panasonic TZ7 I think. I'm completely open to other cameras too as I have no clue what would be best. So any suggestions and help are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: Budget is up to around $300.

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Those are 3 good choices.

The Sony offers the best flash, and good video, it is physically quite a bit larger than the other 2 cameras mentioned, which may make it difficult to throw in a pocket, etc. It also lacks a real wide-angle lens, so it may not work the best for landscapes and cityscapes for your trip.

the Panasonic TZ7 gives you a very large zoom range that includes a real wide-angle that also gives you a lot of zoom range as well in a quite portable package with good video. This is probably the most versatile choice in a pocket-size camera and would probably be my choice. It's sister camera the ZS1 gives you the same wide angle lens, with slightly less zoom range and similar image quality in a slightly smaller package that may be worth a look as well.

the Canon is definitely the most portable option, but i would probably choose the Canon S940IS over this model. They are very similar, but the 940IS gives you a true wide-angle lens which will be helpful in your travel photos. The 940IS would be a great option if portability is of primary concern. it doesnt have the zoom range of either of the Panasonic's though.
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Welcome to the Forum. We are glad you dropped by.

Keep in mind that the Panasonic TZ-7 is known as the ZS-3 in the USA. That camera, the TZ-7/ZS-3, is one of the better featured of the three cameras that you have listed. But is held back by its very small and very weak built-in flash unit that is capable only of fair to poor image quality indoors.

In contrast the Sony H-20, although only slightly larger than the TZ-7/ZS-3 is the clearly the best featured camera in the group with the best automatic mode and best built-in flash unit in class. It also does HD video and you can zoom while filming.

The Canon SD-780 does take HD video, but it is not stellar with still picture image quality. It would be my last choice. The best alternative to the the SD-780 would be the SD-940, as Hards has noted above.

Have a great day, and Happy New Year!

Sarah Joyce
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