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Default I need some serious decision making help!

So, I've been looking for a new camera for quite a while and i still haven't made a choice. I have looked at a couple cameras, including the Canon sx20 IS, the Nikon L100 and P90, and glanced at the cameras made by panasonic's lumix. I have though about a DSLR, but i don't think that i'm willing to make that big of an investment of either time or money. My budget pretty much caps at $400, but i am willing to spend just the tiniest bit more.
-I know that i want a camera with a high optical zoom. This is VERY important to me.
-I really could care less about any video capabilities.
-I am good at figuring out manual settings and such on most basic cameras that i've used, but something remotely simple would be nice.
-Durability is huge. I plan on treating the camera well, but not like gold. I would like for it to last a while (a few years).
-I am willing to lug around a bigger camera, which is why i have considered the canon and the nikons, however if i could find a smaller camera with similar stats, i would be inclined to purchase that one.

If someone could help me out with this, I will be forever grateful!
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I think a good superzoom bridge camera would be in good order for you.

You really couldn't go wrong with either of the

Canon SX20IS
Panasonic FZ-35

try them both out in a local store, and pick the one you feel most comfortable with. they are both pretty much equally capable.
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I have the Nikon P90 and was very impressed by it's 24x zoom. I'm parting ways with it though, because it struggles in low light and shots where you dont want a flash. Personally, I need faster AF and shutter speed and more of a DSLR model. If you just want an out of the box superzoom, I can vouch that it takes excellent outdoor photos in any mode, but manual settings work best for indoor shots.
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Welcome to the Forum. We're glad you dropped by.

In the super zoom market niche, the lightest and surely one of the top cameras is the Panasonic FZ-35. It has 18X of optical zoom, extending from 28mm to 504mm in 35mm terms. It has received excellent professional reviews and competes head-on with the Canon SX-20, which is considerably larger.

The FZ-35 can take HD video and it can zoom while filming. It also has stereo sound recording for the video. While it forte is long zoom, with very good image quality. It can also handle numerically higher ISO settings up to and including ISO 800.

Be sure to visit a retailer and handle the Canon SX-20 and the Panasonic FZ-35. How a camera feels in hand and how your hand width spans the controls is very important. You will surely find the FZ-35 smaller and lighter.

Have a good day.

Sarah Joyce
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