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Default Super-zoom with RAW format?

I've been using the Canon Powershot S3IS and love it but am ready for an upgrade. I like the features of the new SX20-IS but have discovered that RAW format is important for stock submissions. Is there an alternative to moving to the expense of a DSLR that will give me 20x or greater zoom and the resolution that I need?
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Welcome to the Forum. We're pleased you dropped by.

The Fuji S-200 and the Panasonic FZ-35 both have Raw Format but they are not quite 20X optical zoom, closer to 18X optical zoom.

Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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Before looking at the RAW issue I would ensure that for the short of photography you will be interested in that you will be able to get the quality without going dSLR. Shooting stock photography that sells is very hard and only the best will cut it.
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To Mark's point - there are certain stock agencies that have a list of approved cameras they will accept images from. So I would suggest some thorough research on the agencies you want to work with and their requirements before you make your investment.
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Your camera can actually shoot raw via an add-on program called CHDK. See this page for more info:


But, the format used is not going to be recognized by some raw converters.

Where are you seeing a requirement to shoot in raw? It seems doubtful that a stock agency would want a raw file. Is this a specific site requiring you shoot in that format?

Note that with some of the stock agencies, they will have a list of unacceptable camera models; and with some larger agencies like Alamy, that's going to include most point and shoot models, as well as a number of dSLR models.

See the "Further help" section at the bottom of this page for links to a recommended cameras list and unsuitable cameras list:


Other stock agencies may have different requirements (sometimes unofficial), but may require certain quality standards. For example, you'll find links to quality standards in a variety of areas on this page for istockphoto:

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I don't know of any stock agencies that require RAW submissions. If you want to shoot stock a P&S likely will not cut it. Noise is a huge issue, and even at base ISO's, you will likely have some noise present. A quality DSLR and lenses as well as some very good lighting is necessary to be successful in the stock world.
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PowerShot SX1
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