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Default Help chosing camera

Hey everyone, I'm heading off on holiday to Asia later this year (China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan) and decided that it's about time I get myself a decent camera. This would be the first camera that I've ever owned and was wondering what would be a good camera to get. I would like to have manual controls as I've recently started to learn about photograpy and would like the option to have full control if I wanted to experiment and such. The camera would also have to have a rather good auto mode as I get lazy at times and my family would probably not be happy waiting ages for me to set up my camera before taking each shot. So i've been researching and I've been intrested in 2 cameras. The Lumix FZ-35 and the Cannon S90. The S90 has great quality images but I can't help but wonder if the zoom of the FZ35 would be handy to have. I would like any advice on which you would pick, as well as any other reccomentations that you would like to make. -Raz

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Your research has done you well, you have narrowed it down to 2 very very nice digital cameras. Which one is best for you will depend on what you want. They both offer full manual controls, more than enough to learn photography with, and both offer great image quality and the ability to shoot RAW.

-better low-light / high iso performance, this and its brother G11 are the best digicams for this
-it will fit in your pocket
-good control scheme for a pocket camera
-no viewfinder, you compose on the LCD
-smaller zoom than the Panasonic (but still a useful 28-105)
-no HD video

-very useful superzoom lens that is of good quality.
-has a viewfinder
-nice handgrip, and button placement, more like an slr
-HD video
-does not do as well in low-light/high-iso as the S90
-its is considerably larger and will not fit in your pocket
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Welcome to the Forum. We're pleased that you dropped by.

The ideal travel camera is a camera that can easily zoom in on a performer at a folkloric show or capture a beautiful, but distant landscape. So, while I personally own both the Canon S-90 and the Panasonic FZ-35, my vote clearly goes to the FZ-35. I choose the FZ-35 because there are times when you want to capture the ornate details of a building that are 50 feet from you. The FZ-35 can do that with ease, skill, and precision, all the while offering you a full set of both automatic controls, least you want to hand the camera to another person to snap you own photo, as well as full manual controls when you want to take your time and get the perfectly set-up manual photo.

Please don't get me wrong, the Canon S-90 is a great pocket camera, but I personally do not think that it is as well adapted to traveling and the unique demands of travel photography.

Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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There's a lot of fantastic opportunities in the big cities in Asia, for some great night shots, would the S90 with it's higher ISO capabilities be better for that. I suppose if you just want to hand hold during the daylight hours, it probably wouldn't matter which one you get as they're both very good, just a thought.
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The FZ-35 does quite well with night shots using makeshift tripods hive hotel balconey rails and the like. It is really no problem at all.

Sarah Joyce
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