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Default Entry-level SLR newbie

Hi! I'm looking to spend $500-$750 and get an entry-level SLR. We've been using a small Canon pocket camera for a couple years now, and take a zillion pictures of our two kids with it. It's slow and we covet our neighbors' SLRs.

I am an editor and graphic designer who specializes in book layout, and I do mostly typographic black and white stuff in text, but will occasionally set up book covers for clients (a 13x9.5" paperback spread including spine at 300dpi comes in just under 12 megapixels). I have the Adobe CS4 Design Premium suite, and use Photoshop CS4 a lot (mostly on other people's images). I have Snow Leopard on a new 4Gb RAM mac mini.

So, what's a good starting camera for someone who does mostly family pictures but will occasionally design a limited release coffee table book on a local subject, or a book cover for a client from a skyscape/nature/cityscape-type shot?

Longevity, durability, and expandability are priorities along with the obvious quality.

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What is your time frame for your purchase.

The Pentax k-x will be in your budget with a 2 lens kit, actually they will have two 2 lens kit packages. 18-55mm and 55-300mm zoom kit and a 18-55 and 55-200mm kit. The first one is 719 at adorama.com and the second will be 630 dollars at the same place.

From rumors, canon will be getting ready replacing their XSi and XS in may june. We will know in about 2 weeks. But the new ones will be at premium as they will be new.
If you are not doing low light, by next month the canon XSi will most likely begin to reduced in price even more. It is a fine dslr with a good sensor.

If you are planning to expand your lenses for the future, I would hold off on the nikon D5000, they dont not work with the full nikon line up if you want a inexpensive fast prime for family portraits.

These are also higher end entry level dslr's, since your budget affords you this.

The E620 is a very good dslr, also that is around 630 dollars with 2 lenses.

Theses are all good camera in your price range with 2 lenses, that will cover all your initial needs.
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To capture photos of two active children, I'd say you need a good autofocus system. That gives Canon and Nikon (except the D3000/D5000) an edge over Pentax, Sony, Nikon's D3000/D5000, and especially over Olympus. Plus, your budget excludes all the Nikons except the D3000/D5000.

I think the Canon XSi has the best chance of doing the best job for you.
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