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Default Did I make the right choice? Please help!!

Hi all,
I bought the Fuji F70 and LOVE how it feels - the size and weight... and the zoom and the pics on the camera LCD look pretty good but when getting them to the computer I am less than satisfied... please see my post http://forums.steves-digicams.com/fu...rated-f70.html for examples of the pics - I don't want to cross post... but I figure here more people might see it and be able to give advice.
Thanks for all the info and encouragement... but...
I am really starting to have second thoughts about my choice of camera though - the question is... honestly... do you think spending the extra on the Canon SX200 - $320 or the Panasonic sz3 for $350 or even the ZR1 - $300 - or should I wait for the new ones.... these ones are a little bigger and heavier... but not drastically....
I paid $244CAD for the fuji.... will I get better shots more easily with the others? Am I judging the camera too harshly? I really like the price and fact that the Fuji preforms well in low light - when looking at pics produced on comparison sites I like the fuji pics.. but I am starting to wonder if there is a lot of pp going on or something I am missing?
I agree for ISO800 it is pretty good - I guess I just was confused as to why it kept choosing ISO800 when a lower iso would give less noise.
I figured a learning curve was like - figuring out the initial settings. The question is once I set it up am I going to have to constantly play with the settings - like between each shot etc?
I have 1 more week to play with it before I am stuck and can't return it...
I REALLY want to love the camera... again the pics are not aweful, but I guess I expected a DRASTIC improvement over my old 2MP canon A40...
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I would say you've gotten good advice in your other thread. What you were seeing was digital noise. That's to be expected at ISO 800. You can either lower the ISO as suggested over there or apply noise removal - I suggest lowering the ISO. I doubt you're going to get much better ISO 800 shots from any digicam on the market. Those really were quite good for ISO 800.

Follow Hards80's suggestions for how to use a lower ISO and you are good to go.
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The zs3 is about $250 these days but forget about indoor quality picks. I own one.
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I would stick to the F70EXR, it is a great camera but it isn't the best in auto modes. If you take some time to get used to it then you will get much better than the results compared to the competition. Dustin (Hards80) is by far the best person to speak regarding the use of this camera as he has one, is a very skilled photographer as well as being technically minded. I'm sure he will be around in a while so hopefully will chip in.
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Thanks again guys - finally we have a sunny day... so I am gonna play with it a little in brighter light... maybe I am not giving it a fair shake as the lighting I have been shooting in is pretty bad... and I have seen GREAT pics taken with it... k will continue to ask specific questions in the Fuji Thread...
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also, one thing to note, upping the ISO during flash shots is something most, if not all, small digicams do. this is how manufacturers overcome the rather small flashes that fit on these tiny cameras. so the fuji is not the only camera that will choose iso 800 or higher for flash photography.

the fuji is actually nice in that you have control over the flash, you can force it on or off, you can slow-sync it. and you have full control over the ISO, so if you really want less noise and you are at a reasonable distance you can dial down the iso to 200 or 100. but if you have a group shot or longer distance shot, dial up the iso to 800, and the fuji is one of a handful of cameras that actually look decent at that iso.

also, full automatic mode shooting with flash never really works. this is true whether you are shooting a small digicam or a big slr. if you want good flash photography, you will have to take control of your camera.

i will be happy to answer whatever question you may have on the fuji forum as they arise.
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