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Default digital SLR "classics" resolution not too important

Hey, I'm in the market for a digital SLR, I'm an industrial design student so I will be using it mostly to photograph product prototypes and models, so mostly macro- 2-4 feet in a lightbox. I bought a new canon rebel xsi last year, which worked great until it was stolen (ARGH!). I'm not looking to spend 800 $ again, and I'm not too particular about the resolution, I think that anything above 4 megapixels would be just fine, so I think an older SLR could be a good option. I really need to be able to adjust the settings, so a point and shoot is not an option.

Can you guys name some good models from the last ten years? Are there any "classics?" Do I have to be worried about the CCD or the mechanics wearing out? If I do, is there any way to check the number of exposures in the camera interface before I buy? thanks
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In general, buying a used dSLR is a gamble. There's no way to know how much it was used or how it was handled. A used camera may come with a money back guarantee, but if it fails and you get your money back, that won't help you with the lenses and accessories you bought for it. While used gear is available from places like KEH.com, Adorama and B&H Photo Video among others, you might be better off with a refurbished dSLR instead. Adorama has multiple refurbished Nikon 10MP dSLR bodies that you could put a short macro lens on, and get away for about $700. (The lens would cost about as much as the body.) Refurbished dSLRs at least come with a warranty, so if something goes wrong (during the first 90 days), you could get it fixed, and you could still be able to use the lens you bought with it.
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Well the XSi is getting discounted. You can pick up a factory referb with a lens for 470 dollars, form adorama.com with a lens. Since you know it's abilities. As Helen form adorama explain, some referbs are camera that were taken off the production line because of defects, so they can not be sold a new after repair it and testing. So they are sold as refrebs. And has a 1 year warranty.

If you want used, like Tcav pointed out the sites that are very reputable.

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Just go for the cheapest new DSLR you can find. Where I am that is the Sony A230. Get insurance.

But hang on - if you are using controlled lighting and tripod why not get a decent P&S and save some money. If you can set the ISO at the base level for the camera - 100 or so, then they will give more than acceptable results.
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Welcome to the Forum. We're delighted that you dropped by.

$390 is the cheapest price I could find for a Sony A-230 at 6th Ave.com. It is brand new with a full 1 year guarantee. Look under the "Hot Deals" section today 31 January for it.

Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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