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Default Fastest flash recharge/least lag time?

I'm looking for a camera that has the fastest flash recharge time and the shortest shutter lag time.

I want an optical viewfinder on the camera because during football season the glare on the screen makes it impossible to see what I'm taking pictures of without a viewfinder.

I don't need professional quality and I do NOT want a separate flash. I've never used 90% of the things on the cameras I've had before. I just need a point-and-shoot that I can pick up and...well...point and shoot!

It'd like to stay $250 or less but will go higher if I have to. I've looked at the reviews and found several with 3 second flash recharge and they are discontinued. Arggggghhh. Too much info! Help!
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farmers daughter-

Welcome to the Forum. We're delighted that you dropped by.

I am sure that you feel that your request is a simple one. However, technically it is not a simple question at all, I am sorry to say. Flash recycle time is dependent on two things: (1) battery power (2) how much charge was depleted from the built-in flash unit's capacitors during the last flash photo.

If the flash was used to take a pitch black scene, it would use 100% of the power stored. If the flash was used on a person in a room with white walls, the flash would require less flash power. As an example, say the flash only discharges 50% of its flash power. Therefore the re-charge cycle would be substantially faster after that particular photo.

Canon still has a few cameras with optical viewfinders, as does Sony.

Have a great weekend.

Sarah Joyce
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