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Default Panasonic Lumix FZ-35 vs Nikon D3000 / Canon EOS 1000D

I'm looking at buying a new camera to replace my Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ10. Should I go with an SLR, or go with the Lumix FZ35? If I go with an SLR, which one should I go with? Nikon D3000 or Canon EOS 1000D.

I really liked our lumix, but sand got into the lens on a windy day at the beach

The camera will be used for the normal family pics of the kids at sport, school concerts, home, holidays etc (but NOT at the beach - learned that lesson!). We have also just bought a point and shoot, the lumix FS42 - yet to pick it up.

Any suggestions would be really useful.

We'll be travelling over to the US in May and will probably buy the camera then. The above cameras are around the $700 price range in Australia. We will be looking at cameras around the $700US price range when in the States so that might mean a model higher up??? We're yet to look into prices in the US for cameras. Luckily the Aussie Dollar is pretty good at the moment so looking forward to hopefully getting a better deal in the States.

BTW - Where would be a good place to buy a Camera in LA?

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Are you ready for the extra weight, size and expense of a dSLR? Are you willing to change lenses, just to get the focal length that you get with the Lumix? There's a learning curve to how to use a dSLR also.

If you are happy with the FZ10, then why step up to a dSLR? Unless there's something specific that you are unhappy with that only a dSLR will correct, I'm not convinced that you need a dSLR. Of course, wanting a dSLR just because it's fun is a perfectly good reason for getting one.

I love my dSLR (I shoot Pentax) and wouldn't trade it for the world. But I'm willing to deal with the significant disadvantages one has - not everyone is.

Before you make any decisions one way or the other, take a very close look at all the disadvantages you have with a dSLR and decide if that's really for you. No one can advise you on that score.
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Thanks for that, and I agree that getting an SLR b/c it's fun is a good reason to get one. I'm thinking we will go with a dSLR as that is what I was thinking of getting originally, but saw the FZ35 mentioned on this forum and then started wondering if that would be better, but after a bit of a think, I've decided that we might as well go the SLR since we do have a P&S. (when we bought the Z10 we wanted to get an SLR but 6 years ago they were out of our price range)

So now which one? Want to spend less than $800 (will be buying camera in the US in May).
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Entry level DSLR's look to be price competitive until you seek to get the amount of zoom that you has in the FZ-10, then the $$ add-up rather quickly. So we must compare apples to apples.

The Canon XSi is down to $459 (lowest price), as it is being replaced, but you would to add the Canon 55-250mm lens ($200 at adorama) to get the zoom equivalent even out to 400mm in 35mm terms. That makes the package using the lowest prices available, total out to $659.00, not counting the shipping expense, to get you to a zoom lens coverage close to your FZ-10.

So that comes in under your $800.00 estimate.

Have a great weekend.

Sarah Joyce
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