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Since I posted the question here, and appreciate the several responses, I thought I should at least come back with results of my search.

I bought a 50D with the 28-135 kit lens. I know this isn't the best glass in the world but there is no way I could justify (or afford) a similar lens in an L series or such. I also separately bought the little $100 Canon prime 50mm, because it is much faster than the zoom of course (1.8 versus 3.5 max of the zoom).

The reasons for this cam... 6.3 fps at least in bursts, it physically fits my hands much better than the smaller cams like the T1i, I didn't want to give up the lighted top window for settings so that this all has to be done on the LCD screen, and since it's a larger body, the controls aren't as jammed together, making it easier to find them without having to look every time.

Of lesser importance, it shares the same battery and memory type with my old Pro 1, which might be convenient if one of us ends up with a dead battery at a poor time.

And as a happy accident, I found that it does indeed have a depth-of-field preview button, as do many of the Canons. Oddly it's rarely mentioned in the docs and reviews I found of various cams.

It's still new-ish to me and I'm still learning all it's controls and settings but so far I'm just as happy as could be with it.

Originally Posted by gmcc View Post
I have used a Canon Pro 1 for quite a time and I've found it marginally satisfactory for my wants, so I am thinking about swapping up to a Canon EOS T1i. The main reason for wanting to do this and the reason for the "marginally" description has everything to do with manual focus.

The Pro 1 LCD viewfinder makes it nearly impossible to manually focus properly, which I find disturbing after using my old FTb film cam for many years.

The question part is... are all the non-SLR digicams done badly in this respect, or am I thinking of jumping to an SLR for a normal-ish ground-glass focusing system based on not enough information on the state of LCD viewfinder screens on newer cameras?
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If focus is a big concern, you are actually looking the the best AF system in the "entry market" segment. The T1i can get a AF lock is very very dark situation. And like hards pointed out you have 9 AF points you can chose from. So if you want a off center shot, chose the one you want, and unless there is no light, the t1i will get a AF lock. I shoot is near black out conditions sometimes. And the canon can handle it, there were times, that there would have been no way I could have gotten the shot in focus in manual focus, because it was so dark. But the AF system of the canon did get the AF lock and got the shot.
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