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Default 2 nice trips coming up, considering upgrade


I have 2 nice trips coming up, one to Orlando and one to Kauai. I currently own a Nikon D70 with a 50mm and 18-70 kit lens. I also own a Pentax K10D with the kit 18-55? 50mm and 50-200. While I have had really nice results with both cameras I am considering a new camera for the trip. The most important thing to me is the ability to capture great memories quickly in varied light conditions without spending to much time messing with focusing and other adjustments. Both cameras are sometimes challenged in the low light focusing department. So I am considering a Nikon D90 (have seen great results, not crazy about the size and plastic feel. reminds me of a friends d50), the Nikon D300s (great build and feel, great fast focusing, but quite costly), and finally the Pentax K-7 which has been dropping in price. It is almost the same price as the D90. The reviews on the K-7 have been rough, however, I found the K10D's reviews didnt do that camera justice. So I am just thinking out loud. Any comments or opinions of what Nikon or Pentax product would be great to carry around Epcot and Kauai would be welcome.

Also, I will be bringing my S90 point and shoot and D10 water proof camera. Finally a last option would be to keep my DSLR's and pick up a 18-250 lens (Sigma or Tamron)????
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For good shots in low light, you should probably consider a large aperture, stabilized, standard zoom lens. On a Pentax, since the image stabilization is in the body, all lenses are stabilized, so you just need a large aperture standard zoom. Tamron's 17-50/2.8 and Sigma's 18-50/2.8 and 17-70/2.8-4.5 should do well. On a Nikon, the stabilization needs to be in the lens, and Nikon doesn't make any fast stabilized standard zooms. Sigma and Tamron make a few, but the ones that have been tested didn't do very well.
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Don't know if you would think it "plasticky", but I really like the Pentax K-x in low light. I have heard it is at least 1 stop better than the K-7 as far as noise goes. I used it for a night time college football game and was happy with pics taken at ISO 3200. It was better than my old Pentax K200d at ISO 1600. Actually it was very close in image quality to the K200d at ISO 800.
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Well if you go with the pentax, all your current lenses will be stablized and fit. So for low light just match the 50mm with a high iso from the pentax, and you will be able to get some really nice shots. Also since you have the kit lens with the pentax. You can save a some money just getting the body. While with the nikon option. You would need to spend more to get the lenses you need.

On the K-x and K-7, though the K-x is a lower cost camera. It actually has a improve AF system as opposed to it's big brother the K-7. The 12800iso in the K-x is actually pretty good, yes it has some noise. But still a very useable photo. If travel is a concern the smaller body of the K-x makes it a better travel compainion. But the k-7 is a water proof body.

I shot the k-x on occasion and I a pretty delighted with it.

With the one lens option, going with a pentax body, the pentax or tamron 18-250mm would be my pick. It is not as good as a 2 lens option. But it make a good travel set up.

With the nikon option, I would go with the tamron 18-270mm VC.
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