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Default Is this a good camera, a good buy?

Went to Walmart yesterday to see what they have to offer in the camera field. Looked for a Panasonic Lumix FZ, but they did not have one at that time but had other cameras I took a look at.

One that peaked my interest was a Sony DSLR A 23 0L with a 18-55mm zoom lense that was included in the price of $ 488.00. I was able to handle the camera for its built and weight and was pleasantly surprised on how light it was considering the camera/lense combo. I was not going to get a DSLR because of the neccessity to acquire the lense in adittion which made the outfit too expensive for me but seing the price of the combo I was very interested. (The Panasonic Lumix is $ 400 here in Canada, just for comarism.

It also has a rechargeable Battery which is called:
dedicated? Battery NP-FH50 Question: Is this a Lithium Battery? I swear by them, don't like to use double AA's or as is the case sometimes, 4 AA's at once.
Has anyone any experience with this Sony camera as to it's performance/
And is the price too good to be true? I would appreciate a quick reply.

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Default The Sony A-230 is very good


Yes, I am a Sony A-230 user. I like the camera very much, and like its light, fast action. Here in the USA, the A-230 is selling for $(US) 380.00 with the Sony 18-55mm kit lens.

The natural telephoto lens to go with the A-230 is the Sony 55-200mm lens which you an easily find on E-bay for less than $(US) 100.00. Those two lens are all that I need and the image quality is very good indeed. I have attached a sample photo.

Sarah Joyce
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Originally Posted by Calendula View Post
Battery NP-FH50 Question: Is this a Lithium Battery?
Yes. That's a rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery. The A230 is Sony's smallest and lightest dSLR, and has a bit shorter battery life compared to Sony's larger models. But, you should get somewhere around 500 photos with a full charge with the A230's included battery, depending on how much you use the flash or review images using the camera's LCD.

It looks like the price you're finding for it in Canada is about right, from what I can see on the Sonystyle Canada site for it:

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You can also look at the tamron 70-300mm. It is a very good lenses in it's price range of 170 dollars. And it will give you macro ability. If taking close up shots is something you are into. It will give you a reach closer to the panasonic FZ35/38 with the 35mm equivalent of 450mm on the long end. You can find it used on ebay for around 100.
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It's important to distinguish between the Tamron 70-300 Di LD Macro and the Tamron 75-300 LD Macro.

For the 70-300 Di LD, the "Di" means "Digitally Integrated, so it has the coatings that prevent flare and ghosting that happens with "pre-digital" lenses, while the 75-300 LD doesn't. In addition, the 70-300 Di LD is a 1:2 macro lens, while the 75-300 only does 1:4 macro. The main reason I raise this issue is that the 75-300 LD is cheaper than the 70-300 Di LD, and some people are unaware of the differences and buy the 75-300 LD because they think they're getting a good price.
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