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Default What are some cost effective alternatives to a sony a230?

Hello all,
I recently purchased a sony a230 and 50-200mm lens back in November '09 and my father in law loves it, but does not love the price. So, I wanted to ask you all if there are any cost effective alternatives to a DLSR camera and more specifically a sony a230? He wants the functionality and the quality, but not the price, so if you all have any advice please let me know.
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If you want to replicate things like the ability to isolate a subject from distracting backgrounds due to the shallower depth of field you have with a dSLR as compared to a point and shoot model with the same aperture and subject framing, then, you'd need another dSLR with a similar sensor size; and the Sony A230 is probably one of the lowest priced dSLR models you can buy right now.

If on the other hand he just wants a sharp image in better lighting, without any concern for the "look" you get from a camera using a larger sensor size, or concerns about things like Autofocus Speed, then there are a number of non-dSLR models you could consider.

I'd let forum members know what type of photos he takes more often (subject type, conditions, etc.) for more informed responses. But, it sounds like he needs another A230 if he "loves it". ;-)

Note that you can find one at a pretty good price right now (around $399 for an A230 body including an 18-55mm lens at some of the more popular internet dealers). Then, find a dealer with a good price on a 55-200mm lens if he uses the longer lens very often (as I don't see a lot of discounts on the kit with both lenses at online dealers right this minute).
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Look for a factory refurbish one. If you can find them.

How much is willing to spend. The 2 lens kit for the A230 is about 550 if you search around. And the one lens kit with the 18-55 I have seen as low as 299 on line.
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I pride myself on being a good shopper. The lowest "big name" store price I could find on a new Sony A-230 was $385.00 with a full 1 year guarantee at www.amazon.com who have a great return policy. I found the Sony 55-200mm lens on E-Bay for a "buy it now" price of $127.75. There are lower priced auctions. You can find used A-230's at around $350 to $360.

Yes, there are the Brooklyn "camera sharks" who advertise A $299.00 selling price, but when you add in the 6 to 8% mandatory "shipping insurance, and the high pressure selling tactics, the real price is more like $325 to $330+ a lot of hassle. I would pass on that one.

A point and shoot alternative might be the Panasonic FZ-35 super zoom at around $320

Sarah Joyce
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