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Default Pentax K-x v. Nikon D5000

I am fairly settled on the K-x, but I keep seeing pictures from the Nikon D5000 that I really like, (this could be because more Nikon users post pictures taken from their camera on Amazon etc.) I also read a review that said this was a good camera for shooting kids. So how does it compare to the K-x, I do know one turn off for me is that it doesn't have the built in focus so the lens has to do this, but I don't know if that would be a huge deal when it comes to buying lenses. I guess I just want to do all my second guessing now before we make the purchase. As always thanks for the feedback.
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The Pentax K-x has a better autofocus system than the D5000 for tracking active kids.

As far as the D5000 not having the built-in autofocus motor, that can be a problem for some things. For instance, the Nikon 85mm f/1.8 is a great lens for shooting indoor sports like basketball and volleyball, but that lens doesn't have it's own AF motor, and so can't AF on a D5000. But as for the K-x, it doesn't have a lens that's appropriate for indoor psorts anyway. So neither of those cameras would be very good for that type of shooting.

The two most important considerations when selecting a dSLR is:
  • Can it do what you want? (sports/action/wildlife, landscape/seascape/cityscape, architecture, indoor/low light, macrophotography, portraiture, etc.)
  • Can you stand to use it? (Can you comfortably hold it? Can you find the controls and commands when you need them?)
  • The lens is the thing.
  • 'Full Frame' is the new 'Medium Format'.
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The pentax 50mm 1.4 is still 100 less then the nikon 50mm with a built in motor. 350 vs 450. It is a good range for full body and 1/2 body portraits. The k-x is the better low light camera.

So for some the lack of the AF motor is a concern.
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A lot depends on what you will be shooting. You mention children. Are there other subjects such as fast moving sports, or very dimly lighted venues that you will be shooting in on a regular basis?

The lack of a focus motor on the D-5000, need not be a major concern, if those 40 or so lenses with a built-in motor cover your needs nicely. It appears that either the Pentax Kx or the Nikon D-5000 could easily meet your needs. I urge you to visit a dealer and physically handle both cameras. How a camera feel in hand and how your hands span the controls is very important. That is always a very important step in camera selection.

The Nikon D-5000 is a competent camera for family use and is capable of very good image quality.

Sarah Joyce
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