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Default Like Sony WX1 size, 24mm lens, HD video but hesitant about daylight photos


I'm on the verge of buying the Sony WX1 because I like the size of it, look & feel, 24mm lens, 720p HD video, low light (but I'd never be taking pics in the dark, just normal evening indoor lighting) just to name a few features. BUT I've read a lot of reviews about it not taking good pictures in the daylight and I'm not sure what to do now.

I'm switching from a Sony Cybershot DSC-N2, which I have loved using, but I'd like a smaller, faster camera (minimal downtime between photos) that also has HD video. And one that doesn't always make our faces looked washed out when taking them inside in the evening.

I really only take photos and video of my kids but I'd say about half are outside and half inside so I'm not sure what to do. I don't mind having to always switch to "P" mode for daylight if that's the best setting to use (saw it in some reviews on amazon), but I don't want to have to change a bunch of other settings too for a decent outdoors photo.

But I'm just a novice photo-taker so I'm not even sure I'd notice what people are complaining about anyway.

Any suggestions of how to get the best outdoor photo with the WX1 or a suggestion for something with similar features would be greatly appreciated!

Also, any camera that has the slide front which reveals the lens and turns it on is not an option.


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I haven't looked at the WX1 but if it's anything like the HX5V (and it probably is based on the specs - looks like same sensor even), then you probably have nothing to worry about. The HX5V has excessive NR and its outdoor shots aren't as good as some of the competitors - but that doesn't mean they're not good. If you're like me though, you're probably not going to be printing at 13x19 or pixel peeping. Overall the reviews for these cams are favorable and the samples look good short of full size - which most casual users will never print at anyway. Also, with the Exmor sensor the indoor shots are going to look better than many of the competitors.

If you don't mind upping the budget, then check out the Canon S90 which will give you better IQ at the across the board. The only thing that kept me from choosing that one was the zoom but it's not much below the WX1.
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Welcome to the Forum. We'delight that you dropped by.

The Sony WX-1 was introduced in October 2009, making it well ahead of the newly introduced HX5 camera. They do share a good deal of the same technical details, but there are significant differences.

The WX1 camerera has a fast F 2.4 lens, while the HX5 has a slower F 3.5 lens, and the WX-1 has 5X optical zoom while the HX5 has 10X optical zoom. The color rendition is slightly different between cameras as well. The HX5 has a slight warmer color tone.

Here is an example of an outdoor photo taken in the Program Mode outdoors. I have owned and used the WX1 prior to purchasing the HX5.

Sarah Joyce
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Thanks for both replies! I considered the HX5 but it's a bit big for me. I will look at the Canon S90 though if the store has it.
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