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Default HELP ... Canon or Lumix ? what buy ?

very big question....

what is the best ? photos and video HD ?

Lumix TZ7 (ZS3) or the OLD canon powershot Sx200

or the new (but not nice and sexy style !!!) sx210 ?

or Nikon or samsung ??????

please help me..... kiss by mery
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with the zs3 you can zoom when shooting HD video, the sx200 can not. The pop up flash on the sx200 is said to have better range then the zs3. But always pops up when your turn on the camera.

But both seem to take very nice photos.
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The Canon SX-200 (the camera specified by the OP) does not allow zooming while filming and the built-in flash unit pops up whenever the camera is powered on. The replacement for the SX-210 does have HD Video and does allow zooming while filming. The SX-210 still has the pop-up built-in flash unit, but now there is a provision that allows you to stow the pop-up flash by releasing a manual lock and manually stowing the pop-up flash when desired.

Currently, the SX-200 is selling for around $265, and the SX-210 is selling for $349. The Panasonic ZS3(TZ7) is selling for around $240. However, the ZS3 and its replacement camera, the ZS7 is subject to heavy lens flare (large white streaks across the video) when filming into and moderately near any strong light source, such as the sun or a strong artificial light source.

The Canon SX210, and the Panasonic ZS7 compete against the Sony H-20 ($249) and the HX5 camera ($349). The Sony H-20 has been replaced by the HX5 and remaining inventory is moving out fast. The Sony H-20 is a desirable camera as it has the best Automatic Mode and the best built in flash in the entire compact zoom class of cameras. In the last month due to decreasing inventory supplies, the H-20's price has increased from a low of $199 to the current price of about $249. The H-20 has 10X optical zoom (38 to 380mm) and it does HD video and allows zooming while filming. The Sony H5X, which replaces the H-20 model. The HX5 has 10X optical zoom (25 to 250mm), is ISO capable up to ISO 1600 and has unique features like the Hand Sweep Panorama, where the HX5 camera takes 10 photos in 1 second, and then merges them together into a single panorama, all within the camera. The HX5 also has a Twilight Mode: the camera quickly snaps 6 individual photos in rapid succession in a bit more than 30 seconds. The HX5 then merges the best elements of each of those 6 individual photos into a single measurably improved photo, which it then saves. The HX5 also has a HDR/Backlight mode where it takes two photos. One photo is exposed for the photo's highlights and one photo is exposed for the photo's shadows. The the HX5 camera merges these two photo together as a single photo which it saves to the camera's SD card. Yes that is new too! the Sony HX5 can use either the Memorystick Pro Duo format or the SD card, the most widely used memory card in the camera industry.

Of the cameras available, I personally believe that the Sony HX5 offers the very best feature set and image quality for both still shot and HD video. I have attached a sunset photo that was taken with the HX5 camera using the unique HDR/backlight mode.

Sarah Joyce
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Everyone's opinions will differ but if GPS isn't an issue, I'd probably go for the SX210. I prefer Canon's color (set to "neutral" though as it is otherwise a bit too saturated). There are of course arguments for/against each camera so check out the feature sets and see what appeals to you most then come back to the table.
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