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The majority of cell phone cameras are indeed using fixed focus lenses.

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I wasn't testing anyone. I really thought there would be such a thing. As I said, if you take lots of shots you would really want to compose using the camera. However, if you only take a few shots a high MP fixed focal length lens and composing with photo editing software would be easier and cheaper. It seems like something this simple to make would be out there. Of course for any given markup, the higher the price the higher the profit.

I mentioned the Adobe thing only to illustrate the idea improved many fold.

If I were to spend any serious money on a camera I'd get an EVIL camera after a few years when the prices go down. They wouldn't need as big or as heave or as expensive lenses. A digital SLR really only makes sense to me if you already have a big collection of lenses. Even then the mirror were great for film, but, aren't needed for digital.
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AFAIK there are NO good affordable high-MPX fixed-focus digital cameras available. There ARE various ways to deal with focus problems:

* Use a P&S (point-and-shoot) camera with manual controls for focus and aperture. Set the focus and a small aperture (large f-srop number), use flash if necessary, and your images should be crisp.

* Use a dSLR that supports trap-focus, like a Pentax Kx. Point at your target and hold the shutter down -- when something comes into focus, the shutter snaps. Used right, any dSLR and good lens will give MUCH better image quality than a P&S.

* Light your subjects better. Focus is always difficult in dim light.
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