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Default recommend compact camera with 10x zoom?

I was wondering if you have recommendations for

- a pocket sized camera (must fit in pocket!)
- ~10x zoom (more is fine, but not less)
- good for hiking, travel pics, outdoors (though sometimes will be taking pics in evening, perhaps night, rarely take pics inside)
- I would prefer a viewfinder
- like also to take video, preferably with the ability to zoom in and out while filming
- durable (I'm a bit clumsy by nature, tend to drop and bang things)
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There are many cameras at 10X and 12X and 14X that meet most of your specs except for the "bang-proof" one. If one of those cameras has its lens extended and you drop it, I am afraid it is a goner. What is your budget? (And what is your previous experience with digital cameras?)
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you are going to have to compromise on the viewfinder too. you are not going to find a long zoom camera with a viewfinder these days.
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If you could relax some of your requirements the "fit" would be easy. However, view finders, have in large measure, been dropped from pocket-able cameras. The Panasonic ZS1 or ZS3 would seem to be ideal except the viewfinder and the "tough" requirements.

Sarah Joyce
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have a look at the Canon PowerShot SX210IS

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The SX210 might work if you are willing to give on some of your requirements.

It does have some of the things you wanted:
-HD video
-Zoom during video
- 14x optical zoom
- good outdoor (daylight) shots
- will fit in a pocket

The main thing you would need to do is be careful not to drop it. The LCD sticks out from the back of the camera, so it could be easily scratched or cracked if you drop it onto a hard surface. And with the zoom lens fully extended, I imagine if you dropped it the results would not be good.

The SX210 has a very large LCD, but no viewfinder. Although very few of the pocket sized cameras have viewfinders.

Still working on the low light photos - the ones I have taken so far are not superb, but seem to be about average compared with other cameras in this class. And they are certainly acceptable to most people - I think to get the kind of results I really want, I need to spend a little more time adjusting the settings, and I need to drop the dog leash and get out the tripod.

You can check out some of my sample photos from this camera in the Canon P + S folder if you are interested. Most of them are outdoors without a tripod.
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I'd vote for either the ZS7 or SX210 for outdoor shots. Each is going to have its pros and cons of course so plan accordingly. As above, I think the viewfinder is going to need to be sacrificed.
Disclaimer: I take photos of life rather than live to take photos and my opinions of cameras are reflected accordingly.
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