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Default camera for kids....

I have an 11 and a 13 year old, and like all kids these days, they're more technologically advanced than the average adult....

That said, they've never had cameras of their own -- disposables have been our mainstay. Time to get them something decent, that will be fairly easy to use, that won't be obsolete too soon (and won't be broken too soon, either!).

Not looking to spend a fortune, low $100s is about as high as I can go.

I see things like 'image stabilization' and 'face recognition' and MEGA something or other (I did mention the kids being more advanced than average adults -- I'm not sure I achieve 'average' when it comes to cameras!). What are the really important features, and what doesn't really matter (I've gotten that more megapixels is not all its cracked up to be)?

If it helps, we're going to Yellowstone on vacation this year, so there will be lots of scenery pictures -- my kids have NEVER seen mountains. But, they've never seen buffalo or bear, either -- and I'm hoping to keep THOSE critters at a distance, so I imagine a half-way decent zoom would be good.

Thanks! Darlene (camera amateur)
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Hi Darlene-

Welcome to the Forum. We're delighted that you dropped by.

The Canon A-3000 runs $138.00 and would be a good choice for your children.

Sarah Joyce
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Kodat M1093 if you want HD video also as kids like that feature. It is under 140 also.
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I am not sure exactly which camera(s) might be best, but with kids those ages (11 and 13) you might want to run your selection by them before you purchase, to be sure it's "cool" enough for them. Some kids are happy with anything, and some are a little more choosy.

You said they know more about some of the features than you do. Do they have anything specific in mind that they want? It might be easier to have them pick out some cameras (within your budget) that they would like, and then others can help you out with determining which one will take the best pictures and/or video for your needs.

I bought a Canon A-series camera for some kids to use a few years ago, and it did take nice pictures. It was also easy to use. Some of the Kodaks also do well for that price range and are also known for being easy to use.
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